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Worst Moon Mode in Ye Olde Pub

Worst Moon is one of the 4 modes in Battle Arena. It gives you a bigger reward, but decreases your stats. It's also required for secret things.

How to enter

There are 2 ways to enter Worst Moon mode.

Invisible X

One of the ways is getting the Invisible X Invisible Ally. You can find the Invisible X in 2012: Ye Olde Pub.

Worst Moon Gem

The other way is to craft the Worst Moon Gem in the shop. It's craftable with 5 billion Pixels, 500 million Crafting Material, and 50,000 Superior Crafting Material, and remains and stays forever.

Combining the 2 ways (Apocalypse Mode)

Combining the Invisible X ally with the Worst Moon Gem results in entering a new mode: Apocalypse Mode.

Information about this mode can be found here.

Rewards & Negative Effects

A full list about the down- and upsides of Worst Moon can be found here.