Ultimate Weapon

  • The Ultimate Weapon is a Special Weapon that can obtained from special shop for free once every day when you reach ▲+50 ascensions (ascension milestone that gives you 200 Ascension Points) OR 150 ascension points.
  • The Ultimate Weapon is part of the Ultimate Set, which includes weapon itself, Ultimate Armor (Hat, Shirt, Gloves, Pants and Shoes), Ultimate Pendant, Ultimate Earrings and Ultimate Trinket.
  • The Ultimate Weapon comes with a Damage orange Bonus, which cannot be obtained in any other way, so once you change it, you will need to purchase (for free) a new Ultimate Weapon to get it back.

Ultimate Weapon Projectiles

  • The Ultimate Weapon will automatically summon Ultimate Projectiles and those will also trigger effects like mana power.
  • The Ultimate Projectile will do damage equal to dealing (11%-30% x4), depending on your Ultimate Equipment Perk level.
As image shows, you can see the Ultimate Weapon is divided in two parts: The sword and the projectiles. The projectiles will more likely do less damage, but will be split over multiple shots and have infinite range, and will compensate damage by applying Mana Power effect. The projectiles are summoned out of the blue-green circle shown on center of the image, and can only hit monsters to the right of it, as the ones to the left will be hit by the sword.

Mana Optimization when using Ultimate Weapon

Ultimate weapon might consume more mana than a regular weapon when Mana Power is active, as both the projectiles and the sword can hit the enemy and drain your mana at the same time. Have in mind you might need additional mana regeneration or mana progress bar modules to keep your mana full.


When using with other Ultimate Set pieces, it can give you:

  • (2 items) Spawn Rate +5%
  • (3 items) Spawn Rate +5%
  • (4 items) Spawn Rate +5%
  • (5 items) Spawn Rate +5%
  • (6 items) Spawn Rate +5%
  • (6 items) Damage +50%
  • (7 items) Spawn Rate +10%
  • (8 items) Spawn Rate +10%
  • (9 items) Spawn Rate +15%
  • (9 items) Damage +100%
  • (9 items) Recover some MP whenever you deal damage. Effect is improved as you finish more Ascensions.

Note that the 9 items MP Drain set bonus does not count penaltyless ascensions(100 ascensions or more).

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