Typing is a minigame where you type the terms and conditions of Anti Idle the Game, consisting of around 660 "words" (where a word is defined as 5 characters) and 86 lines of text. Doing so will allow you to submit bug reports. Completing it rewards you with blue coins. It is accessible at level 35, but not in Challenge #1.

The red text indicates that it is incorrect.


  • Type everything exactly as shown, including capitalization and punctuation. 
  • Pressing CTRL will erase the line.


  • Every time you successfully type a line, you will be rewarded with 3 Bluecoin-template.
  • Completing typing will give 50 Bluecoin-template, plus your words per minute (WPM) score.
  • The first time you complete typing each Ascension, you will earn a 2,000 Bluecoin-template bonus.
  • Once you have completed typing, the Reward per Ascension field will read (10,000 + (WPM * 100)). Each time you ascend, you will receive this number of blue coins (only 10% will be awarded for Impossible Ascensions).

The Text

Before you begin, make sure that you are logged
in and connected to Kongregate chat.
Otherwise, your high scores will not be

(Well, not really, but I am not sure what else
to call it)

1. Your savefile is YOUR responsibility.
If you happen to lose your savefile, that is
YOUR fault. The developer cannot eat, delete or
steal your savefile.
Talking about it to the developer or making a
forum thread to complain about it will not
change anything.
You can lose your savefile because of many
different reasons, such as:
- Running certain third-party tools, such as
CCleaner or anti-virus programs.
- Clearing cookies.
- Deleting the savefile accidentally.
- Browser crash, power outage, etc.
Since savefile loss can happen at any time, it
is highly recommended that you BACKUP YOUR
SAVEFILE OFTEN. And yes, it is so important that
you had to type it in all caps.
Instructions on how to backup your savefile can
be found in Anti-Idle subforum. But basically,
you search your computer for hidden files with
"antiIdle" in their names, copy them and paste
them somewhere else.
Oh, and remember that this game stores data in
your computer. That means you have to use the
same computer to access your savefile.

2. Please do not hack. PLEASE.
Of course, I cannot find every hacker and punish
all of them. However, hacking is really frowned
upon, so you should not hack. It takes the fun
out of the game.
In case you REALLY want to hack, please turn
Safe Hacking Mode on (by following the
instructions provided in the savefile), or use
the Secret Savefile, which can be accessed by
holding Ctrl while clicking File 2.
Still though, you should not hack, the game
becomes boring once you do. And it ruins the
leaderboards, which is really, REALLY bad.

3. Avoid making threads for stupid questions.
And it is even more annoying when you do it
with poor grammar and spelling.
If you managed to get here, it means that you
can use the Shift button and type with proper
punctuation, which is a good thing.
However, please do not make a new forum thread
for every single question you have, it is very
annoying. You can ask in the FAQ thread, or if
you want a quick answer, just ask in chat.
But in most cases, you can find the answer by
searching. And it is more fun to discover things
on your own instead of asking everything.

4. Report bugs at the correct place.
You should only report bugs using the purple
"Report a Bug" button below there. Do not use
the bug report feature provided by Kongregate,
I disabled it for this game. Also, please do not
publish exploits and game-breaking things.
Report them through PMs, or just keep them for

5. Last but not least, HAVE FUN!

Before you continue, type this completely
random number. This happened because some
people tried to cheat. Blame them.
[Random 9 digit number]

To sum it up:
1. Backup your savefile often.
2. Refrain from hacking.
3. Ask questions in chat or the FAQ thread.
4. Report bugs at the correct place.
5. Have fun.

Congratulations! This is the end of the
Typing test. After finishing the Typing
test for the first time, you will receive
2,000 Blue Coins. And after you ascend,
which means reaching level 9000 and then
defeating The Ascendant to start over from
level 1, you will receive some Blue Coins
depending on your WPM.

Enjoy playing Anti-Idle!

The Text (Bad Grammar mode)

b4 u start PLZ maek sure ur logged in and
conect 2 kogragate chat. els ur hiscore wont
be sumitting

(well not rly but i dunno wat else 2 call it)

1. ur save is UR reponsibly
if u lose ur save its NOT teh devlopers flaut.
teh devloper cnat eat, delite or steel ur save.
talk 2 devloper or maek 4rum thred 2 complin
wont chance anythin so dont boter.
u can lose save bcuz many resons incluid:
- run certin 3th pty progams, liek ccleaner or
anti virus progams
- claring internet cukees or cachs
- delting save accidensal
- broser crash, pow out age, etc
sinse savefiel loss hapens friquenly, its hily
recomd u BAKUP UR SAVE OTFEN. yes its so
importent u had 2 type it all cap.
how 2 bakup can find in teh game subforum. but
bazicly u serch ur computer 4 hidden fiels whit
"antiIdle" in its naem, copy it adn past it
sumwhare els.
oh, and dont 4get dis gaem save data on ur comp.
dat meens u hav 2 use same comp 2 asess save.

2. plz dont hax, PLZ
of cause, i cant find evry haxor and punnish em
but haxing r fowned up on, so u shudent hax.
it taeks fun out from gaem.
and it rins ladders, witch is VARY bad.

3. awoid makeing threds 4 stoopid qesions
and its badder if u use bed grammer end spell.
u can aks in faq, or if u want quick anser, aks
on chat.
but in mots case u can find anser by serching.
and its moar fun if u discaver thing on ur own.

4. repot bug at corect plase
u shud only repot bug whit purple "repot a bug"
buton below. dont use bug repot feeture by kong,
it not able 4 dis gaem. also, dont post explots
and gamebreak thing. repot it thru pms.

5. lats but not least, HAEV FUN!

2 sum up it:
1. bakup ur saev often
2. refain frm hax
3. aks stuff in faq or chat
4. repot bug in corect place
5. haev fun

dats probly it 4 now.


  • When one ingests the Grammar Pill from Awesome Adventures and begins the typing simulator soon after (within 5 minutes or so), the text will appear different from normal. ("Bad Grammar Mode")
  • In Bad Grammar Mode, part of the typing is removed (the part that compliments you on having grammar and capitalization skills) and you don't have to type the string of random characters.
  • The home page for the typing game also shows your record words per minute, and your current blue coin reward for ascension.
  • Bad Grammar mode can only be entered if you have completed the typing simulator at least once; otherwise, you will always get the good grammar text.