Triangle Land

Required Rank


Enemy Level Range


Area to the Left

Pirate Ship

Area to the Right

Hole of Time

Number of Enemies




Triangle Land is one of the Battle Arena areas with monsters. It links to Pirate Ship on the left, and Hole of Time on the right. The boss in the area is Super Triangle.


Monster Type Level (Casual)
Triangle Dummy Normal 5100
Triangle Tree Normal 5200
Mushtriangle Normal 5300
Triangoop Normal 5400
Tridle Normal 5500
Triangle Bot Normal 5600
Moving Spikes Normal 5700
Fast Spikes Normal 5800
Dark Spikes Normal 5900
Blue Triangle Normal 6000
Green Triangle Normal 6100
Red Triangle Normal 6200
Black Triangle Normal 6300
Ghost Triangle A Normal 6400
Ghost Triangle B Normal 6500
Ghost Triangle C Normal 6600
Ghost Triangle D Normal 6700
Super Triangle Boss 7000

Area Information

Safe Area No
Underwater No
Base Spawn Rate 2.4 seconds
Base IA Drop Rate 2.5%
Area Rare Rate 3%
Area Epic Rate 0.4% (2% in Worst Moon)

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