Triangle Hideout is a high-end raid with unique rewards.  It can be found by clicking on the black triangle in the Abandoned Lab.

Only the monster "Triangle" spawns here, which gets stronger (all stats) every time you kill it until you lose your streak.  "Triangle" has monster level equal to your current streak.  Triangles cannot be rare or epic unless you are beating your best streak for the day (which is not displayed anywhere); as with Spooky Crypt, rewards are reduced by 99% if not beating the day's best streak.  Unlike Spooky Crypt, however, this penalty also prevents all item drops.


Random drop rewards

  • Neon skin rank 500 skin having between 100 and 1050 def, depending on streak.  Unobtanium enhancement on this works like every other looted item (up to 7 from APOC HC).  Bonuses are random.
  • Mega Triangle Gem, rank 250+streak you were on when it dropped. Like the dominator gem, it has random stats. However, these stats can be up to 1/3 higher than a dominator gem, so the max possible stats are: 160 attack, 60% attack speed, 160 def, 80% crit, 80% evasion, and 80% hp.
    • Although they do not drop from Triangle Hideout, the Mega Triangle Gem Enhancer is noteworthy. It is an uncommon loot from the Apocalypse Crate and can be used only on the Mega Triangle Gem accessory. It is protected from being sold automatically. It increases the gem's enhancement count by 1 and gives it 50 attack.

Mega Triangle gems have a [Streak/500] chance of dropping from Rare or Epic Triangles, ignoring any other drop rate bonuses. Neon Skins have a [Streak/2000] chance to drop, maxing out at a 5% rate at 100 streak, also requiring a Rare or Epic Triangle. (Rare and Epic Triangles can only spawn if your Streak number matches your Today number, so if you can't get back to your current high streak of the day, it may be better to use a Day Skip or just wait for tomorrow to try again.)

Daily fixed rewards

A reward is automatically added to the player's inventory for every 10 streak (only if beating the day's best streak):

Streak Reward
10 a Mystery Enhancer Identifier
20 a Level 10 Armor Mystery Enhancer
30 a Level 10 Armor Mystery Enhancer
40 a Level 10 Armor Mystery Enhancer
50 a Level 10 Weapon Mystery Enhancer
60 a Level 10 Armor Unique Enhancer
70 a Level 10 Armor Unique Enhancer
80 a Level 10 Armor Unique Enhancer
90 a Level 10 Armor Unique Enhancer
100 a Level 10 Weapon Unique Enhancer
200+ (and every 100 Streak) a Level 100 Accessory Unique Enhancer


Triangle Hideout has a 99.8% area damage penalty--the 4th harshest in the game, exceeded only by Endless Dungeon with a 99.85%, and Foodlandistan and Mystic Path with 99.9% penalties.

Triangles grow stronger polinomially; the rate of growth is harsher than the Spooky Crypt, but more mild than the Endless Dungeon. However, since Triangles start with absurdly high stats (see Triangle), they can become quite deadly.

  • Level: +1 per kill. (This comes before the 30% bonus given by Hardcore mode)
  • HP: Times (10+killcount^1.5)/10
  • Attack: Times (10+killcount^1.6)/10
  • Defense: Times (10+killcount^1.6)/10
  • Accuracy: Times (10+killcount^1.4)/10
  • Evasion: Times (10+killcount^1.4)/10
  • EXP: Different formulas are used. EXP will mainly increase quickly at low streaks and slower at higher streaks.

Note that Experience, Coins, and Pixels will increase infinitely as your streak goes higher, making high streaks a great source of experience.

Note, also, that the power of the Triangles' Magic Attacks do not increase at all. Triangles have a base Magic Attack damage of 1; presumably, its sole purpose is to inflict Status Afflictions on the player and to degrade their Combo.

To give a taste of what these numbers represent, consider the approximated stats of a Streak 100 Triangle:

  • 333 Million Hitpoints becomes 3.36 Billion
  • 3.3 Million Attack becomes 531 Million
  • 1 Magic Attack remains the same
  • 3.3 Million Defense becomes 531 Million
  • 33 Thousand Accuracy becomes 2.1 Million
  • 33 Thousand Evasion becomes 2.1 Million


How to get high streak

Some helpful tips:

  1. CAP DODGE CHANCE (90%) AND GET 87% HIT CHANCE. A Mastery Potion, and the Buff Boost, Artful Dodger, and Accuracy Boost skills will get you 87% in both Hit and Dodge Chance. You should also change one orange bonus on your armor or accessories--the weakest you have--to Dodge chance to get the full 90%. There's no need to get 90% on Hit Chance.
  2. DON'T waste any points on defensive skills likes Overpowered Tanker or Invisible Armor. Triangles are almost unstoppable; even if you use weaken at 70%, have 100 million damage resistance, and have 95% damage resistance, a streak 100 Triangle will still deal almost 10 million Hitpoints.
  3. DON'T waste points on evasion or accuracy buffs, like Dexterity Enhancement or Combo Protection. To even matter against a streak 100 Triangle, you would need over 800,000 accuracy and 3.6 million evasion--that might be possible, but not without sacrificing vast amounts of attack power.
  4. Cap ignore defense (95%) and the Crescendo Skill, and Weaken Skills. Triangles start with very high defense, and it gets far worse as the game progresses.
  5. Max the Revive and Absorb epic skills
  6. Cap mastery (95%).  Mastery buff is highly recommended for this raid.
  7. Cap crit chance (95%)
  8. Get as high crit damage as possible (~800%)
  9. Get as high bossdmg as possible     (~400%)
  10. Get as high rage attack as possible  (~250%)
  11. Get a lot of MP, as it will increase dmg with mana power (~5m)
  12. Attack power and Equipment attack are important too of course
  13. Cap Negate Effect (80%).  The Triangles' ranged attacks are harmless damage-wise, but can apply deadly status effects such as Slow or Blind.  Ring of Resistance or the Censor Sheep invisible ally are good ways to do this.


  1. Strong weapon 
  2. Strong armor+skin
  3. Use the 4 different accessory items; beware, some might be spirited
  4. Robacon's weapon
  5. Invisible Ally.
  6. Fighter career

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