Triangle Count is one of the games in the Anti-Idle Arcade. It costs 3 arcade tokens to play, and is the subject of an event quest called "Count 'Em!" (in the quest description, this game is also known as Triangle Apocalypse).

Triangle Count presents the player with an abstract landscape and an adjustable counter at the top. For several seconds, black and white triangles move from one side of the landscape to the other; the player's goal is to deliver an accurate count of them at the end of each wave. If the player's count is within one of the correct answer, the player's score is increased and the next wave begins; if the count is exactly right, the multiplier is incremented as well. The game ends if the player misses the correct count by 2 or more.

As later waves are reached, the game becomes increasingly difficult in terms of how the shapes move and exactly what the player is tasked to count. (The following features are correct, but may be cited as introduced at the wrong wave; confirmation is needed.)

  • In wave 1, black and white triangles move straight from right to left, and the player must count them all.
  • Starting with wave 2, black and white circles are added.
  • Starting with wave 3, the player may be instructed to count only white or black triangles.
  • Starting with wave 4, shapes may move from left to right as well, and may fade in or out without touching the side of the screen.
  • Starting with wave 5, some shapes may jump instead floating smoothly from one side to the other.
  • Starting with wave 6, the player may be asked to count jumping triangles (black, white, or all).
  • Starting with wave 7, shapes may suddenly surge from one side to the other, rather than moving at a constant speed.
  • Starting with wave 8, the player is not instructed what to count at first, but rather to "watch closely!". The thing to count is not shown until seconds later. That time will increase in subsequent waves.