This is a raid similar to the Special Arena, however unlike the Special Arena, no key is required to enter. Similarly to the Special Arena you fight consecutive monsters, however instead of the Megaboss you face the Boss of DOOOOOOM. If you can clear the raid you get a weapon or armor from the DOOOOOOM set and some currency rewards. All monsters in this raid are rare or epic bosses.

You will need to wait 3 minutes from loading the game or since you last entered the tower before entering. If you successfully complete the raid you can reenter immediately.

Entering the Tower of DOOOOOOM

To enter the Tower of DOOOOOOM, go to Smiley Island and click red tower on the island in the background. You need to be Rank 160 before you can enter. 

The Fight

Unlike the Special Arena, the monsters do not instantly spawn. Instead they have a several second delay before each spawn to taunt or recover.

The Taunt bar is along the right side of the screen.  This can be activated by holding down an attack button (Basic Attack, Quick Attack, Power Attack or Super Knockback) between enemies. The first few attacks after killing each enemy does not count towards taunting. Holding down the attack button will eventually Taunt the next monster.  This makes the monster much stronger than it would normally be, but gives greater rewards when killed.  The Taunt bar is increased depending on how long the attack bar is held.

The last enemy before the treasure is the Boss of DOOOOOOM, the hardest monster in the tower. He will occasionally cast a shield which turns him green and prevents all damage. Attacking during the shield has no downside, so you can continue to attack him or recover during this time.

After the Boss of DOOOOOOM, there is a Doom Treasure with infinite defense, which gives great rewards when killed.  You will then be returned to Smiley Island.

The Bosses

  1. Doom Dummy
  2. Doom Snail
  3. Doom Rabbit
  4. Doom BlobBB
  5. Doom Treeman
  6. Doom Mushroon
  7. Doom Feonix
  8. Doom Rat
  9. Doom Giant
  10. Doomsaurus
  11. Doomsurfer
  12. Doom Ghost
  13. Doom Wizard
  14. Doom Triangle
  15. Doom Spirit
  16. Doom Stone
  17. Boss of DOOOOOOM
  18. Doom Treasure

*(add stats for bosses)


raidTimeLeft = 610
if HC +90
if WM +120
if apoc +30

towerMult = 200
if HC +100
if WM +150
if apoc +50

For each kill,
0 <= doomTowerTaunt <= 100 (how much you taunt that monster)
if Boss of Doom, towerMult x100
if Doom Treasure or Doom Stone(?), towerMult x30
else, towerMult x(10 + doomTowerSpawn)
floor(towerMult (doomTowerTaunt*2 + 100) raidTimeLeft) is added to raidDamage (your score)
towerMult is res




There's a special code that sets timeLeft to 1 if it takes you 11s or longer to reach the Doom treasure. Since this will almost always happen, unless you can kill the Doom Treasure in <1s, it will not contribute to your raid score. This same code makes you immune to being kicked from the raid (unless you reach the Doom Treasure in <11s and idle awa




The final raidDamage determines the tier. The quality of the rewards increases with bet er t er .

+1 - 3B +2 - 6B +3 - 10B
+4 - 14B +5 - 18B +6 - 22B
+7 - 26B +8 - 30B +9 - 35B
+10 - 40B