The Desert
The Desert
Image of The Desert

Required Rank


Level Range


Area to the left

Danger Zone

Area to the right

The Beach

Other Areas Accessed from Area

Dark Pyramid

# of enemies




 The Desert is one of the Battle Arena zones that have monsters. It links to the Danger Zone at the left, and The Beach on the right. Players can access the Dark Pyramid from here, by clicking on the pyramid at the back. The only boss (purple name) monster in the desert is the Sand Giant.


Monster Type Level (Casual)

Desert Slime

Normal 450
Mud Slime Normal 465
Cactus Normal 480
Flame Cactus Normal 495
Green Snake Normal 510
Red Snake Normal 525
Dark Snake Normal 540
Sand Abuser Normal 555
Desert Dwarf Normal 570
Dark Dwarf Normal 585
Sand Giant Boss 650

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