This is an information page about the Corruption, for a guide/strategies on beating it go here.

The Corruption is a special area in the Battle Arena.

Going to The Corruption

You must be level 1000 or more to go to The Corruption. Once you you meet the level requirement, a red envelope will appear in the upper left corner of the Battle Arena at XX:15 or XX:45 minutes of any hour. The envelope lasts for 2 minutes and 59 seconds before it disappears at XX:18 or XX:48 and you'll have to wait 27 minutes to get in again. (Or cheat changing the system clock, although that really is not recommended.)

Normal Corruption

Stat Bars

Typically, when one enters the corruption, one will see an area with 6 green bars at the top of the screen labeled reward, hit points, attack, defense, accuracy, and evasion. These are, intriguingly, monster stat adjustment bars. In Corruption, the monsters scale to your combat performance, not necessarily making sure that you obtain an easy EXP gain, but rather, that your fight will be a challenge.

The bars are modified as follows:

  • The reward bar is the average of the other 5 bars.
  • The HP bar increases when you do enough damage in a single hit and decreases when you do little enough damage in a single hit.
  • The attack bar increases when the enemy hits but does little enough damage, and decreases when the enemy hits but does enough damage.
  • The defense bar behaves similarly to the HP bar, but can be affected by your ignore defense stat.
  • The accuracy bar increases when the enemy misses and decreases when they hit.
  • The evasion bar increases when you hit and decreases when you miss.

You may reset enemy stats by holding "Shift + R" at any time during the corruption.  However, this affects future monsters and not the one you are currently fighting and also resets your reward bar.


  • It would be wise to wait until a few hundred levels after level 1000 before entering. The monsters inside originally spawn around level 1500, and they usually only get worse from there.  Generally, at level 1000, the miss chance and damage penalties are large enough that you may be unable to harm the bosses.  Very few people are able to successfully survive the corruption at level 1000.
  • It would be best to wear the Protection Ring for your first few ventures into Corruption, until you feel safe enough as to not wear it. After that, Power, Critical, Rage or Cruelty Rings are usually the best fare for Corruption.
  • At low levels, it's best to reset stats frequently.


The list of monsters for the Corruption is as follows:


The six rings at the bottom of the ring list are available here as drops, and can only be found here or in the Secret Dungeon. Thus, this is usually the first place one can obtain these six rings.  This area tends to give better rewards than many other areas, making it a good place to level up in or to obtain crafting material.

Worst Moon Corruption

Unlike with most areas, entering the Corruption in Worst Moon or Apocalypse Mode will completely change the area. You will not see stat bars or fight any of the monsters above. Instead, you will fight the Corrupted Giant Treeman, an endgame boss with a number of dangerous ranged attacks. You will have 15 minutes to Corrupted Giant Treeman just like regular Corruption, but you won't get anything or any reward when the time runs out. Be careful, as CGT (Corrupted Giant Treeman) will apply lots of status effects, which can be really annoying, and even though his damage isn't very high, he has a really high amount of HP.  

Once you kill it, you will return to the area where you were when you clicked the envelope, and gain 1 random piece of the Corrupted Elm Set and an armor bonus rock that gives an orange bonus that can normally only be on weapons, but you can only use the bonus rock on the Elm Set and the Corrupted Elm Set.