This article describes a feature that is no longer in Anti-Idle: The Game.


Ascension Counter

Click the yellow triangle to open the Ascension Perk UI

Temporary Ascension Perks are bonuses that you can buy that will last from when you activate them until you decide to ascend again. Each perk costs one Temporary Perk Point, and once a perk is bought, it cannot be refunded. The number of Temporary Perk Points you have, however, is permanent, and they can be saved throughout ascensions until you wish to use them. You gain 1 temporary perk point for a normal ascension (remember, the first five ascensions are automatically normal ascensions), 3 temporary perk points when you start a hard ascension, and 9 temporary perk points when you start an impossible ascension.

List of Perks

Temporary Ascension Screen

Temporary Ascension Perk Screen (as of v1710)

The perks you can buy are as follows:
  • All EXP gains are multiplied by 1.05
  • All Coin, Green Coin, and Blue Coin gains are multiplied by 1.1.
  • The progress bar fills 20% faster
  • The number of ants is reduced by 5%
  • Base Career EXP gains are increased by 20%
  • Garden Trees take 30% less time to grow.
  • Battle Arena drop rate is multiplied by 1.5
  • EXP gained from the Button Machine, Arcade, Stadium, and TukkunFCG is increased by 30%.
  • The Money Printer prints 1 blue coin, and increases the amount of Coins by 40% per print.

Finally, you can spend one temporary perk point to gain 2,000 Quest Tokens.


  • The Ultimate Equipment set for the Battle Arena will be unlocked when you have earned 150 temporary perk points. This amount is incremented by the amount of points awarded when you ascend, so you do not need to bank the 150 points.
  • This feature was removed in v1714, and replaced with the Ascension Points system.

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