THE MEGABOSS's Revenge (MBR) is a Raid in the Battle Arena, which a player can gain access to after clearing The Special Arena. In the raid, the player must slay THE MEGABOSS'S Revenge, a somewhat-strangely named monster, over and over again as it successively becomes stronger. The raid is similar to the Dark Pyramid, Spooky Crypt, and Triangle Hideout areas.


Entering MBR requires the player to first clear The Special Arena. Once that is done, invitations to the raid will appear in the form of a blue envelope in the upper-left corner of the screen, every 15 minutes, at XX:05, XX:20, XX:35, and XX:50, and lasting for two minutes. Every day, players get 10 entries; players can get more with permanent perks, or by purchasing them for the exorbitant price of 1,000 Proofs of Mission.


Stat Growth

Like in other raids, the stat increase in Megaboss' Revenge is polynomial.

  • HP: Increases by kills^2 percent
  • Att: Increases by kills^1.5 percent
  • Def: Increases by kills^1.5 percent
  • Acc: Increases by kills^1.2 percent
  • Eva: Increases by kills^1.2 percent
  • Exp, Pixels and Coins: Extra 10% per kill

Note that the growth of Exp, Pixels, and Coins is capped at 2000%, like all raids where the monsters grow strong, meaning you will get 21x as much per kill at most. The cap is reached at the 200th kill. (out of date)

Damage Penalties

There's a painful damage penalty in MBR:

_root.maxDamage = Math.floor(Math.pow(_root.maxDamage, 0.8) * 10);

At first glance, multiplying your damage by 10 might look like a good thing; in reality, that benefit is drowned out by raising it to 0.8. Anyone over 100,000 damage will be losing power--in some cases, a lot. For example, a player with 10 billion damage will find it reduced to only 1 billion.

Also, while this isn't unique to MBR, it's very important to remind players of the normal damage penalties:

  • damagePenalty = 40 + (Math.pow(enemy.level, 1.12) / ( + * 10 + 999) - 1) * 50;
  • if (enemy.level > {damagePenalty += 10}
  • if (enemy.boss == true) {damagePenalty += 20;}

This penalty is very important in MBR; if you take the first formula and plug in the stats for MBR (level 6000) and a Rank 500, level 6000ish player, you'll find that the first formula yields about a 60% penalty. Combined with the third formula (the 20% boss penalty), that's a total 80% damage penalty. If you fight MBR with a lower level, that 80% becomes 90%--and that's a huge jump. A Level 5999 players will do less than half the damage the same player could do at Level 6000.

Revenge Rage

When you enter MBR, you're likely to notice that there's a large bar at the top. That bar fills up as you attack the boss, and when it's filled completely, you will automatically die. There is no death penalty, but still, if you don't want to lose your remaining time in the raid, stop attacking and give it time to empty. It doesn't take long.

The Rage Meter increases the attack power of the boss, even when it's not full. The mechanics are simple and intuitive; if the bar is half-filled, he'll deal 50% more damage to you. If you have Technical Lights and you want to see it precisely, the variable is a _root variable called areaRevengeRage.

Spawn, Rare, Epic and Drop Rates

  • MBR has a spawn rate of 0.5, making it the fastest non-instantaneous spawning zone in the game. For comparison, -Infinity: Prehistoric Area has a spawn rate of 2.2, and Pirate Ship Interior has a spawn rate of 1.8.
  • Drop rate in MBR is set to 0%, but drops that don't depend on drop rate, particularly bacon and stat drops, are abundant.
  • Rare rate is 100%.
  • Epic rate is 5% normal, 50% Worst Moon.


MBR is a straight-forward damage game, very similar to Dark Pyramid. The boss has no magic attacks on Casual mode, so if you can kill him before he touches you, you're safe. Evasion and defensive skills are useless. Charge is exceptional, especially since MBR doesn't respawn instantly, resetting the skill every time. Rage Mastery and other rage depletion-reducers aren't necessary, since a combination of Robacon and Charge will provide plenty of rage. Hit chance is very important; the enemy's evasion will surpass 400,000 before round 400, which is very difficult to overcome with accuracy alone. Especially for the end-game players hunting score, Spawn will gradually become more important than damage.


  • Level
  • Rank
  • Equipment Attack
  • Rage Power
  • Attack Power (Base Attack, Attack %, Combo)
  • Element The MEGABOSS is elementless
  • Mastery
  • Skillpower
  • Charge
  • Boss/Non-Boss Damage
  • Critical Chance and Damage
  • Mana-Power
  • Crescendo (Consider dropping this if you're low on points)
  • Coup De Grace (Consider dropping this if you're low on points)
  • The Damage Penalty  (Very important)
  • Attack Speed
  • Skill Speed
  • Double-hit


  • Hit Chance
  • Level Penalty

Hypothetical skill build:

  • 0,0,30,30,0,0,0,1,1,50,0,0,40,0,53,16,3,0,0,0,15,0,0,0,30,50,1,30,0,0,50,0,50,3,50,0,0,0,50,30,0,30,40,30,0,50,0,0,0,1,0,0,0,0,0,3,0,50,0,50,0,0,48,50,0,50,0


  • 0,0,0,30,0,0,0,0,1,50,0,0,40,0,53,16,3,0,0,0,15,0,0,0,30,50,1,30,0,0,50,0,50,3,50,0,0,0,50,30,0,30,40,30,0,50,0,0,0,1,0,0,0,0,0,3,0,50,0,50,0,0,48,50,0,50,0

Recommended Ally:

  • Ultra Corrupted Giant Treeman (if you have no damage troubles).
  • Ultra Triangoop otherwise.
  • Ultra CHAOS.

Recommended ring:

  • Cruelty
  • Chaos
  • Rage


Apart from the Exp, Pixels, Coins and other drops you get for killing THE MEGABOSS'S Revenge, you get an Earring Accessory for every 20 kills, up to 400. Stats are as follows:

  • Item Rank is 100+Current round.
  • Max Level is 1+Current round/20.
  • Cannot apply Bonus Rocks or Unique Enhancers.
  • Item Duration:
    • 10 days if you are not in Worst Moon or Hardcore mode.
    • 30 days if you are either in Worst Moon or in Hardcore mode.
    • Lasts forever if you are in both Worst Moon and Hardcore mode.
  • Earring type is one of the following, with 25% chance each:
    • THE MEGABOSS's Earrings of Experience
      • Attack: 9
      • Critical Damage: 9%
      • Evasion: 9%
      • HP: 9%
      • Green Bonus: EXP
      • Purple Bonus: EXP/Boss Kill
    • THE MEGABOSS's Earrings of Wealth:
      • Attack: 9
      • Critical Damage: 9%
      • Evasion: 9%
      • HP: 9%
      • Green Bonus: Coin
      • Orange Bonus: Autosteal
    • THE MEGABOSS's Earrings of Health
      • Attack: 9
      • Critical Damage: 9%
      • Evasion: 9%
      • HP: 39%
      • Orange Bonus: HP Regen
      • Purple Bonus: HP
    • THE MEGABOSS's Earrings of Power
      • Attack: 39
      • Critical Damage: 9%
      • Evasion: 9%
      • HP: 9%
      • Orange Bonus: Non-Boss Damage
      • Purple Bonus: Attack Power

You also get Unique Enhancers from killing THE MEGABOSS'S Revenge enough times. This counter does not reset upon re-entering the raid (it is the bestiary kill counter).

  • One Armor Unique Enhancer Lv. 1 every 300 kills.
  • One Weapon Unique Enhancer Lv. 1 every 1000 kills.
  • One Armor Unique Enhancer Lv. 5 every 1500 kills.
  • One Weapon Unique Enhancer Lv. 5 every 5000 kills.

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