THE MEGABOSS's Revenge Earrings

A random type of MEGABOSS's Earrings will drop every 20 kills you get in THE MEGABOSS's Revenge.


There are 4 different types of MEGABOSS's Earrings: Experience, Wealth, Health and Power.

MBRStreak = Based on how many times you killed THE MEGABOSS's Revenge Please check main article for more.

Green Bonus: Exp (if Earrings of Experience); Coin (if Earrings of Wealth)

Orange Bonus: Damage Vs Non-Bosses (if Power); Autosteal (if Earrings of Wealth); HPRegen (if Earrings of Health)

Purple Bonus: Exp / Boss Kill (if Earrings of Experience); MaxHP (if Earrings of Health)

Unobtanium Enhancement Count: MBRStreak

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