Stadium simple race
Gotta go fast

Level required



3,000,000 Coin-template

The Stadium is mostly an action-racing game against AI opponents. Once per day you can play it in "deathmatch" mode where the object is to kill the AIs more than they kill you.

Stadium Components

Everyone's a square. The AI opponents have namesbased on their colours. AIs are the frowny squares; you're the white square.  Note that, outside of Bet mode, each AI opponent has different stats.
Blue cubes that will stop your forward motion with a bouncy force. You must jump over them (up-arrow key) to get past them. You can also land on the blocks.
A yellow patch on the ground. Holding the Shift key while touching a booster will give a kick in speed, and slow you down at any other time.
Clear bubbles that appear only in Item Fight and Death Match. Touching one gives you a one-time powerup that you can use by pressing the spacebar.
Item Effect
Speed Boost Instant flawless Booster
Energy Drain Steal 10 Energy from every opponent
Slow Halve opponents's speeds for 4 seconds
Stun Halts opponents for 2 seconds
Darkness Limit visual & attacking range for 4 seconds.
AIs will spazz when trying to jump blocks.
"+" Restores some health (Death Match only)
A checkered harbinger. Touching it will end the race, and everyone wants to be the first to touch it.
It is possible to jump OVER the flag. This does not end the race, and could be embarassing. There's a Secret Achievement related to this.


Key Function
↑ or W Jumps
←/→ or A/D Go fast
Double tap ←/→

or double tap A/D

Dashes left and right
Costs 10 Energy, or 2 on Death Match
Shift Slow down; if touching a Booster, speed up
Space Use item
z Attack (Death Match only)
Costs 5 Energy

Race Types

Simple Race

Go right as fast as you can, hopping over blocks and shifting over boosters. First to touch the flag wins.

Item Fight

Same as Simple Race, but now Items can be found across the stadium. You can use them against AIs, and AIs will use them against you.

Death Match

Normally you can only do this once per day. No race, just a 7 minute timed event. No flag, every racer has a health bar instead. Run around, press 'z' to attack nearby racers to deplete their health. Attacking an enemy costs a little energy and awards a PWNt, with extra PWNts for landing the attack that empties someone's health bar. An empty health bar is a "KO," which removes some PWNts and puts that racer in time-out for 10-15 seconds. If you get the last hit against an enemy, you score a KO and win some more PWNts. 

You can get more Death Match tickets in the special shop, in the Stadium shop for 10,000 tokens, or by maxing out the Stadium career.


Simple Race without opponents. Still gives rewards, but it's weaksauce compared to what you can get from winning a Simple Race easy mode.


You have to bet with Coins and, if needed, Stadium Tokens. Just like Simple Race, but without you. Four AIs will race together, and you get 4x your bet if your winner-guess is right.


The rewards very much, from millions of EXP and coins to almost nothing.

The order of all races from highest reward to lowest is:

Death Match>Item Fight>Simple Race>Bet (when won)>Practice>Bet (when lost)


You can spend stadium tokens to give yourself an edge in races. You purchase upgrades one point at a time, and the price increases after each purchase. The max for each upgrade is 50 (Stadium hat not included). It will cost you 79,800 stadium tokens to upgrade everything to 50.

Unlike Battle Arena skill points, you cannot 'reset' your upgrades. You can downgrade your upgrades instead, but it will only give you 25% amount (rounded down) of Stadium Tokens back.

Upgrade Effect
Energy Increases Max and Starting Energy
used for dashing and Death Match attacks
Accel Less time to reach your top speed
Max Speed How fast you are when you can't go any faster
Starting Speed Increases the speed you start with
Dash More boost when you double-tap
Jump Clear those blocks.
Too much and you might clear the flag, too.
Boost Speeds you up more when you press Shift on a booster
Reward More (normal) exp from stadium matches


List of all 10 Stadium Hats
Type Effect How To Unlock
Green Headband Accel +5, Max Speed +5, Reward +15 Winning Simple Race 500 times, or 25 times on Impossible difficulty.
Blue Headband Starting Speed +5, Dash +5, Boost +5, Reward +15 Winning Item Fight 500 times, or 25 times on Impossible difficulty.
Sword Hat Energy +15, Reward +20 Winning Death Match 50 times, or getting a high score of 1,000 PWNts.
Ace Hat Jump +10, Reward +20 Getting an ACE finish in Practice Mode.
Ninja Hat Accel +15, Max Speed +5, Dash +5 Winning 50 bets.
Gold Headband Reward +25 Saving up to 1,000,000 Stadium Tokens.
Bunny Hat Max Speed +5, Jump +10 Losing a race.
Party Hat All Abilities +2 Purchase in the Shop for 1,000 Blue Coins.
Crown Hat All Abilities +5 Purchase in the Shop for 10,000 Blue Coins.
Anti-Idle Hat All Abilities +10 Purchase in the Shop for 100,000 Blue Coins.


When you aren't spending stadium tokens on upgrades, you can cash them out for these rewards

  • 25,000 tokens - Regular Boost Potion
  • 50,000 tokens - 2x EXP/Coin gain(10 races)
  • 100,000 tokens - 1 extra Death Match today