Spooky Crypt

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Enemy Level Range

7,000 - 9,001

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Secret Entrance

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Spooky Crypt is a Raid in the Battle Arena where the player fights an endless flow of Undead monsters that get stronger with each kill and places a curse upon the player which reduces stats every one hundred kills.

Raid Format

This raid involves the player fighting endless waves of monsters whose stats increase with each kill. Additionally, some of the player's stats are decreased every 100 kills. The raid ends when the player is killed by one of the enemies. There is no death penalty in this raid. A counter tracks the player's current streak, best streak of the day, and best streak of all time. When the player is killed, the raid restarts from their latest checkpoint, a checkpoint is reached every 200 kills. If the Anti-Checkpoint Pendant is equipped the raid starts from the beginning. Rewards are earned every 200 kills, but each can be obtained only once per day.

Spooky Crypt Key

To unlock access to Spooky Crypt the Spooky Crypt Key is required; this Key can only be found by throwing To-Be-Nerfed gems at the Dark Pyramid's entrance. The chance to obtain the Key is 0.5% regardless of nerf count. Once the key is obtained and the player is at least rank 250 (required to enter Pokayman City), this raid can be entered without restriction. The key does not disappear upon use meaning it can be obtained only once.

Entry Limit

There is no limit to the number of times this raid can be entered in a day. However, if the player's current streak is less than her best streak of the day, experience, coin, and pixel gain is reduced by 99% and the enemies can be neither rare nor epic. Moreover, the rewards earned every 200 kills can be obtained only once per day.

Effect of Current Streak

When a monster is killed, streak increases by 1. Streak has the following effects.

Monster Stats

Enemies are buffed as follows:

  • The enemies' casual level equals 7000 + streak (to the max of 9001)
  • The enemies' HP equals their base HP (10,000,000 on casual), increased by (2 * streak)^1.2 percent.
  • The enemies' Attack equals their base Attack (600,000 on casual), increased by (2 * streak)^1.25 percent.
  • The enemies' Defense equals their base Defense (1,000,000 on casual), increased by (2 * streak)^1.25 percent.
  • The enemies' Accuracy equals their base Accuracy (25,000 on casual), increased by (2 * streak)^1.15 percent.
  • The enemies' Evasion equals their base Evasion (30,000 on casual), increased by (2 * streak)^1.15 percent.

Every 200 kills, the enemies' status duration increases by 1 second, from a base of 5 seconds. At 1000 streak, the enemies' status ability changes from zombify to "all", which can inflict poison, weaken, zombify, potion block, slow, and stun.

Also at 1000 streak, the enemies' attack is tripled if your equipped weapon is the Dark Ruler.

Monster Rewards

Experience, coin, and pixel gain equal the base gain (6,666 on casual for exp/pixel, 666 for coin), increased by one percent every kill (to a 1000% increase at 1000 streak). At 1000 streak increase is reduced to 0.25 percent every kill (to a 1500% increase at 3000 streak). At 3000 streak increase is reduced again to 0.05 percent every kill (to a 1850% increase at 10,000 streak). At 10,000 streak increase is reduced for the last time to 0.01 percent every kill.

Spooky Crypt Curse

For every 100 streak, the player's Dodge Chance, Hit Chance, Ignore Defense, and Damage Resist stats are decreased by 1% (additively). This decrease is taken to account before the caps on these stats are applied, meaning the curse may not decrease the player's actual stats. For example: a player whose Ignore Defense was 100% before the 95% cap is applied would stay at 95% until 600 streak.

Players' drop rate is set to 0% in Spooky Crypt, making Drop rate green bonuses on equipment, drop rate set bonus, Invisible ally drop rate bonus, etc. useless.


At certain streak milestones, various rewards are added to the player's inventory. Note that these can only be obtained once per day.

Streak Reward
200 Mystery Enhancer Identifier (2 day time limit)
400 Accessory Unobtanium Enhancer level 1 (2 day time limit)
600 Accessory Unobtanium Enhancer level 2 (2 day time limit)
800 Accessory Unobtanium Enhancer level 3 (2 day time limit)
1000 Immortal Pendant
1200 Accessory Unobtanium Enhancer level 4 (2 day time limit)
1400 Accessory Unobtanium Enhancer level 5 (2 day time limit)
1600 Accessory Unobtanium Enhancer level 6 (2 day time limit)
1800 Accessory Unobtanium Enhancer level 7 (2 day time limit)
2000 Accessory Unobtanium Enhancer level 8 (2 day time limit)
2200 Accessory Unobtanium Enhancer level 9 (2 day time limit)
2400 Accessory Unobtanium Enhancer level 10 (2 day time limit)
2600 Accessory Unique Enhancer level 1 (2 day time limit)
2800 Accessory Unique Enhancer level 2 (2 day time limit)
3000 Accessory Unique Enhancer level 3 (2 day time limit)
3200 Accessory Unique Enhancer level 4 (2 day time limit)
3400 Accessory Unique Enhancer level 5 (2 day time limit)
3600 Accessory Unique Enhancer level 5 (2 day time limit)
3800 Accessory Unique Enhancer level 5 (2 day time limit)
4000+ (every 2000) Accessory Unique Enhancer level 50 (2 day time limit)


Monster Type Level (Casual)
Elite Mummy Evolving Normal 7000+ (see above)
Elite Pharaoh Evolving Normal 7000+ (see above)

These are the only two enemies who spawn here. Killing one will immediately spawn the other. They are identical stat-wise except for speed. Elite Mummy's speed is 20% of the screen, while Elite Pharaoh is 24%.

Area Information

Safe Area No
Underwater No
Base Spawn Rate 10 seconds
Base Rare Rate 5%
Base Ally Drop Rate 2%
Area Damage Percent 15%
Area Epic Rate 0.5% (5% in Worst Moon)

Additionally, in this zone, knockback distance is reduced by 90% and damage dealt is reduced according to the following formula: New Damage = ceiling(Old Damage ^ 0.8 * 40)

Additional Facts

  • On Hardcore, the monsters may also use ranged attacks in addition to their melee attacks.
  • The monsters can drop Dominator gems, which can be equipped and occupy the trinket slot.  These have random stats and have rank dependent on the streak at the time they were dropped.  Note that these can drop even if the current streak is less than the current day's best streak.
  • You can not use Q to refill HP in this area.

Notes and tips

  • With powerful gear such as Demon Slayer or CHAOS armor, this raid can be one of the fastest sources of EXP in the game.
  • Monsters in this raid are always red-named, making this an ideal raid for completing the Mission Kommander's missions.
  • This raid is a great way to level Invisible Allies since the monsters can be killed in rapid succession.  Unlike in other areas, each Invisible Ally gains 1 Ally exp per kill regardless of its level (bonus for killing same mob as Ally still applies for Elite Mummy/Elite Pharaoh). The Anti-Checkpoint pendant can help make this even faster by allowing the player to re-fight the easier lower-streak monsters repeatedly.
  • Unlike other areas it's completely impossible to prevent monsters from attacking you here by killing them first (it only makes them stronger here); thus, Defense and HP are more useful stats here than they typically are elsewhere.
  • Since the monsters are Dark-element the Light Element green bonus can substantially increase damage here.

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