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Some weapons automatically attack for you, or do other things a regular weapon wouldn't. Some of them are good for ilding, others work well in Worst Moon, and others only let you do certain stuff if you have them equipped

List of Special Weapons








Def. Acc.



Unob. Level
CHAOS AURA [-5] 318 - 100 - - - - -
Dark Ruler [2005] 500 2005 10 20 - - - -
Ultimate Weapon [+10] 500 2500 50 50 - 250 - 50
Pirate Sword [+0] 300 300 3 Random Random Random Random -

Weapon Usage

CHAOS AURA - Good for Worst Moon and Apocalypse modes, and for fighting weaker ULTRA's.

Dark Ruler - Good for idling in Prehistoric Mission or regular idling. Automatically loots drops. Size increases with ascensions and damage increases with Total Career Level.

Ultimate Weapon - One of the strongest weapons in game. Good for Worst Moon and Apocalypse modes and doing high amounts of damage.

Pirate Sword - Goes up to level 300. Each level increases your autosteal by 1.


CHAOS AURA is recommended to be enhanced with 15 level 12 (identified level 10 mystery enhancer) Accuracy Enhancers (180% Accuracy pre-finalizing).

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