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The Special Shop is where you spend your Quest/Event Tokens. You can gain those by finishing Quests or doing Event related things. Different items are available in the Special Shop every day.

Special Shop

Level required



10,000 Quest tokens


Items, Boxes


A shop for items such as Mystery Boxes.


To purchase items in the Mystery Shop, one needs Quest Tokens and/or Event Tokens

Items (by order of appearance)

Page 1

Name Description Quest Tokens Cost Event Tokens Cost
Daily Bonus Restore Restore your best daily bonus streak! 2000 1000
Mega Boost Potion Raise your boost to 2.5x your max boost! 2000 1000
10 Explosion Crates Open in Mystery Box screen 800 800
10 Awesome Crates Open in Mystery Box screen 1000 1000
10 Pixelated Mystery Boxes Open in Mystery Box screen 2000 2000

Page 2

Name Description Quest Tokens Cost Event Tokens Cost
5 Legendary Boxes Open in Mystery Box screen 5000 5000
1 hour 1.5x Exp Gain 1.5x Exp from most sources 2000 1000
1 hour 1.5x Coin Gain 1.5x Coins from most sources 1000 500
25 Fertilizers Increase harvest value of all trees by 5% 50 50
10 Mega Fertilizers Increase harvest value of all trees by 10% 500 500

Page 3

Name Description Quest Tokens Cost Event Tokens Cost
200 Superior Crafting Material Used to craft powerful items. 1000 1000
100 Unobtainium Used to craft powerful items. 2500 2500
100 Crystals of Rarity Get better items from Crafting. 1000 1000
50 Crystals of Ultimate Rarity Get better items from Crafting. 2000 2000
Weapon Mystery Enhancer Random Lv. 8-12 Enhancement! 2000 2000

Page 4

Name Description Quest Tokens Cost Event Tokens Cost
Armor Mystery Enhancer Random Lv. 8-12 Enhancement! 2000 2000
Mystery Enhancer Identifier Identify a Mystery Enhancer 1000 1000
Immortal Pendant (30 Days) A pendant with random stats 1500 1500
Random Bonus Pendant (Usually) Better then looted ones 1500 1500
Large Buff Potion Random 60 minute buff for Battle Arena 100 100

Page 5

Name Description Quest Tokens Cost Event Tokens Cost
Death Match Entry Play death match 1 extra time 500 250
10 Energy Refill Refill 20% Awesome Adventures energy 2000 2000
10 Elite Energy Drink Restore 300 fatigue in Fishing 500 500
10 Pet Elite Food Can be fed to your Pet for 30 fullness 1000 1000
10 Random Career Potions Bless a random Career for 30 minutes 350 350

Page 6

Name Description Quest Tokens Cost Event Tokens Cost
10 Mega Career Potions Bless all Careers for 60 minutes 4000 4000
2x Random Quest Reward (24 hours) More Quest reward! 3000 1500
Automatic Ant Spray (24 hours) Spray ants automatically! 3000 1500
Unlimited Arcade Tokens (1 day) Play more in the Arcade 1000 500
Activate All Cards (24 hours) NOTE: 1.5x Exp/Coin excluded 9000 4500

Page 7

Name Description Quest Tokens Cost Event Tokens Cost
Pet Full Refill Fully restores Pet's Fullness, Health and Mana!  6000 3000
Button Blessing (500 Clicks) 2x Exp/Coin from Button Machine! 500 250
Arcade Blessing (5 Games) 2x Exp/Coin from Arcade! 500 250
Stadium Blessing (5 Races) 2x Exp/Coin from Stadium! 500 250
Ultimate Equipment Ascend enough times to unlock this! 0 0


  • Make sure you have Ant Sprayers before buying boost increase otherwise the ants will eat it in a few minutes. Can buy with the Spray Ants Automatically for more efficiency.
  • There is a Special Shop event in which the shop has more items and you can gain up to 500 event tokens by buying.
  • Day Skip makes the game "skip a day", resetting the Special Shop. Costs 600,000,000 Greencoin-template at the Mystery Shop.


The Special Shop was opened in the Awesome Update. It has changed a lot since, first starting as a collection of 5 random items, then developing into 7 pages of useful items.

The Beginning

As said before, the history of the Special Shop has started in the Awesome Update. It followed some of the same principles of the old mystery shop. There were 5 new available items that changed every day. These could help the player with any of the features, experience, or may be a different item. These could be bought with either the previously mentioned quest tokens or event tokens. Every item can be bought with both of these currencies, and usually cost half as much event tokens as quest tokens, or vice versa.

Triangle Apocalypse

The first part of the Triangle Apocalypse also brought a revamp to the Special Shop. You could scroll through 6 pages of items, from crates to Relics and 2x EXP/Coins. They could be bought with Quest Tokens and Event Tokens as earlier.

Later on, another page of 5 items got added to the previous 6 pages.

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