Smiley Island is located to the right of the mystic path and it needs password.

The Tower of DOOOOOOM is also located in this area. It can be accessed by clicking the red tower at that back.

  • Password is "case-sensitive".
  • All non-boss enemies in Smiley Island are exactly level 4000 (5200 HC). Except the boss Devil Face which is level 5000 (6500 HC).
  • In addition, all Smiley Island non-boss enemies are light-element. Except the boss Devil Face which is dark-element.
  • Robacon cannot enter this area.


Monster Type Level (Casual)
Blank Face Normal 4000
Confused Face Normal 4000
Happy Face Normal 4000
Smiling Face Normal 4000
Sad Face Normal 4000
Shocked Face Normal 4000
Angry Face Normal 4000
Devil Face Boss 5000

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