The Shop interface, added in version 1665, is the combination of the old Feature Shop and Mystery Shop pages. It can be found in the lower right corner of the game and may be opened while using any other feature.

Feature Shop Items

Feature Shop [1]

Idle Mode

Required Level: Any
Cost: 500Coin-template 
Flavor Text: "Allows you to claim rewards automatically, but slowly!"

The game tutorial will show you how to purchase idle mode - this allows you to claim progress rewards when you are not at your computer, but at a reduced speed.

Boost Generator

Required Level: 5
Cost: 2,000 Coin-template
Flavor Text: "Refill Boost and progress more quickly!"

Adds a circle-shaped Boost Meter in the lower-right. That shows how much boost you have, along with the number of "Ants" that eat them up. Once bought, you can refill your boosts to their max level for free, as well as upgrade said max level for an increasing number of Green Coins. This upgrading is capped at 3000%, although you can cause boost to go higher than that. This limit can also be increased by feeding the Dragon and ascending.


Required Level: 12
Cost: 10,000 Coin-template
Flavor Text: "Plant and harvest trees for profit!"

Your first long-term investment mechanic. Possibly the most profitable endeavour in the game. A tutorial will take you through how to use the Garden.

Battle Arena

Required Level: 25
Cost: 50,000 Coin-template
Flavor Text: "Kill monsters! Where most of the fun begins."

This is arguably the most important part of the game. Here, you can do many things, including:

  • Battle monsters for EXP, Coins and Pixels (the main currency of Battle Arena),
  • Collect "loot drops" that give you various items,
  • Craft items using Pixels and Crafting Material (another currency, which you can get in loot drops or from other features),
  • Participate in Raids (special areas for battling - these tend to give some of the highest rewards in the entire game),
  • Fuse items together to make them stronger,
  • Enhance items with "Enhancers".

Battle Arena is also a vital part of Ascension, a key aspect of the game.

Button Machine

Required Level: 40
Cost: 150,000 Coin-template
Flavor Text: "For your mouse bashing needs!"

A great place to obtain experience, yellow coins, green coins, and blue coins while anti-idling by repeatedly clicking the button on the screeen. This requires constant attention and repairs, however.

Money Printer

Required Level: 60
Cost: 300,000 Coin-template
Flavor text: " Print (ilegal) Coins. Battery must be charged every once in a while.

You can print illegal yellow coins with this. Occasionally, it will "critically print" green coins. It's expensive to upgrade, but worth it in the long run (and this game will be a very long run), making this one of the more profitable (if ethically dodgy) pursuits in the game.


Required Level: 80
Cost: 750,000 Coin-template
Flavor Text: "Crappy games, awesome prizes. Many different minigames to play!"

Little twitchy games. Not for idlers, but sometimes you just want to DO something other than watch your trees grow. Someone who is an unrelenting champion could make this one of the best way in the game to get blue coins.


Required Level: 180
Cost: 3,000,000 Coin-template
Flavor Text: "Race your way to victory! Features 5 play modes!"

More action games, this time racing or fighting against AI opponents. You can upgrade your abilities, making the Stadium matches easier. This can be a great source of experience points and yellow coins.


Required Level: 300
Cost: 10,000,000 Coin-template
Flavor Text: "Tukkun's card game."

Because we can't make jokes about Tyrant, Elements, nor Magic:theGathering unless we have a card game here. This game is an excellent source of blue coins.


Required Level: 400
Cost: 30,000,000 Coin-template
F lavor Text: "Now, there is ??? before 'Profit!!!'"

Buy low, sell high, check the stock ticker frequently. Shamelessly manipulate the jewel market every seven minutes. A shrewd investor or even a practiced day-trader can see this is clearly one of the most profitable ways to get green coins in the game.

Awesome Adventures

Required Level: 500
Cost: 75,000,000 Coin-template
Flavor Text: "Adventure Now, My Lord."

The adventures themselves are mediocre, menu-driven text affairs, but they're inexpensive, yield experience points, and can award you very valuable items for use in other parts of the game. Eventually, adventures can be used to level up very quickly.


Required Level: 750
Cost: 750,000,000 Coin-template
Flavor Text: "Catch fish (and junk items)!"

Here, you can fish out junk, fish, and rarely special items, such as treasure chests, keys and energy drinks. While Fishing, your Mastery increases, which helps you move to higher skill levels. However, Fatigue also increases, which makes you fish more slowly. This can be reduced by eating fishes, or drinking Energy Drinks, which you can get by milestones (upon achieving a high total or daily score), Daily Bonus, or rarely when fishing.

You can also get Pet Food and fish, which can be fed to your Pet.

Feature Shop [2]


Required Level: 125
Cost: 10,000 Green Coins
Flavor Text: "Gain Boost automatically, and go beyond the Boost Limit!"

This lets you gain boosts every time you get EXP or coins. This also enables boosts to go higher than the max boost limit, up to 150% of your max boost.

Manual Ant Sprayer

Required Level: 250
Cost: 100,000 Green Coins
Flavor Text: "Spray ants! They eat your Boost!"

Before you buy this, you can't at all reduce the number of ants. Once bought, you can tap the green button with an ant crossed-out to wipe out a huge part of the ants, for free.

Cooldown time is 2 minutes (120 seconds).

Special Ant Sprayer 2011

Required Level: 550
Cost: 1,000,000 Green Coins
Flavor Text: "Permanently reduces maximum number of ants by 5%"

Doom Ant Sprayer

Required Level: 850
Cost: 6,000,000 Green Coins

Flavor Text: "Spray all ants, even the non-existent ones!"

This feature allows you to press the red button with an ant crossed out in the boost circle to wipe out all ants for some time. The flavor text refers to the fact that, before the Boost system's renovation, this reduced the number of ants to -99, actually increasing Boost for a short while.

Unlike the Manual Ant Sprayer, the Doom Ant Sprayer's cooldown is 10 minutes (600 seconds).


Required Level: 12 (must own Garden)
Cost: 250 Bluecoin-template
Flavor Text: "Reminds you to harvest trees! Harvest trees anywhere! Harvest all trees with one click"

Adds a heads-up display in the lower-left of the main interface for how many trees you have planted and whether they are ready to harvest. When it is illuminated, click it to harvest all the trees you can for 2 Greencoin-template.

VIP Travelling Ticket

Required Level: 25 (must own Battle Arena)
Cost: 3,000 Bluecoin-template
Flavor Text: "Travel Anywhere in the Battle Arena! Also unlocks the Map."

Adds an overworld map to Battle Arena, with tips on how difficult each zone will be for you. This allows you to teleport to nearly any area you have visited, so long as you are not currently fighting a monster. This item is also necessary for going past The Beach in the Battle Arena.

Super Battery

Required Level: 60 (must own Money Printer)
Cost: 750 Bluecoin-template

Adds a heads-up display in the lower-left for the Money Printer's battery charge and lets you recharge it without interrupting whatever else you're doing, at no extra cost. There's no good reason not to buy this.

Arcade Pack

Required Level: 80 (must own Arcade)
Cost 750 Bluecoin-template

Adds three new games to the Arcade, which may be the most interesting of the bunch: Mind Sweeper, Balance 3, and Mute-Mute Revolution (MMR).

Adventure Reminder

Required Level: 500 (must own Adventures)
Cost: 3,000 Bluecoin-template

Another heads-up indicator to tell you that you have more adventures you can currently complete.

Card Reminder

Required Level: 1000
Cost: 15,000 Bluecoin-template
Flavor Text: "Shows the number of Cards activated and their remaining time."

Technical Lights

Required Level: 1000
Cost: 75,000 Bluecoin-template
Flavor Text: "9 customitzable reminders."

Epic License

Required Level: 1000
Cost: 1,337,000,000 Coin-template

Purchase some chances for epic things to happen each time when the progress bar fills up.

On Hard and Impossible Ascensions, this feature costs 13,337,000,000 Coin-template and requires level 3000.

Mystery Shop Items

Mystery Boxes

  • Explosion Crate: 400 Bluecoin-template
  • Awesome Crate: 500 Bluecoin-template
  • Chaos Crate: 6,666,666,666 Coin-template
  • Apocalypse Crate: 3,000 Bluecoin-template
  • Progress Box: 300,000 Greencoin-template
  • Gambler's Box: 1,200,000 Greencoin-template
  • Pixelated Mystery Box: 1,000 Bluecoin-template
  • Legendary Box: 5,000 Bluecoin-template
  • Supply Crate: 50,000 Bluecoin-template

Other items

  • Stadium Hats
    • Party Hat (All abilities +2): 1,000 Bluecoin-template
    • Crown Hat (All abilities +5): 10,000 Bluecoin-template
    • Anti-Idle Hat (All abilities +10): 100,000 Bluecoin-template
  • Fishing Rods
    • Anti-Fish Fishing Rod (Catches junk and special items only in Fishing): 250,000 Bluecoin-template
    • Anti-Junk Fishing Rod (Catches fish and special items only in Fishing): 350,000 Bluecoin-template
  • Fertilizer: 200,000 Greencoin-template
  • Shiny Token: 30,000,000,000 Coin-template
  • Mega Fertilizer: 2,000 Bluecoin-template
  • Crystal of Ultimate Rarity: 200 Bluecoin-template
  • Energy Refill: 10,000,000,000 Coin-template
  • Mega Career Potion: 2,000 Bluecoin-template
  • Insta-Progress (Fills the progress bar instantly): 75,000,000 Coin-template
  • Regular Boost Potion: 2,500,000 Greencoin-template
  • Mega Boost Potion: 10,000 Bluecoin-template
  • Day Skip (makes the game "skip a day" giving you another Daily Bonus, resetting the Special Shop items and resetting daily limits for most features. Does not effect Garden, Events, or FCG Legendary Monster): 600,000,000 Greencoin-template


Feature Shop Panorama

Older Pre-v1665 Feature Shop.

Mystery Shop Panorama

Older Pre-v1665 Mystery Shop.

  • The shop got revamped in v1665, having a new revamped and compact look. Also, Feature and Mystery Shop merged together.
  • Since v1698, you cannot access the Feature/Mystery Shop while using Awesome Adventures feature due to keyboard input issues.

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