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<-- Secret Crystal (2)

The MEGABOSS's Revenge-->

shinki, the bridge dweller
Shinki, the bridge dweller
shinki, the bridge dweller as it appears in the bestiary

Enemy Number



9,000 (9,001 Hardcore)


Secret Dungeon

Art By


Enemy Stats

shinki, the bridge dweller (Casual)
Health 700,000,000 Element None
Attack 4,000,000 Speed 24% screen/s
Magic Attack 0 Heal 0
Defense 20,000,000 Explode -
Accuracy 70,000 Rampage -
Evasion 25,000 Special Self-Destruct
Experience 2,000,000 Boss Yes
Coins 400,000 Zombie -
Pixels 400,000 Death -
shinki, the bridge dweller (Hardcore)
Health 1,400,000,000 Element None
Attack 5,200,000 Speed 24% screen/s
Magic Attack 4,160,000 Heal 0
Defense 26,000,000 Explode -
Accuracy 91,000 Rampage 50% HP left
Evasion 32,500 Special Self-Destruct
Experience 2,500,000 Boss Yes
Coins 500,000 Zombie -
Pixels 600,000 Death -

Invisible Ally Stats

  • Passive Abilities
    • Drop Rate +40%
    • Damage vs. Bosses +40%
    • Damage vs. Non-Bosses +40%
  • Active Abilities
    • Attack: Defense Down [CD:17s] Deals 900% and permanently reduces the monster's Defense by 30%
    • Produce Loot: Coin [CD:30] Produces approximately 10,000 Coins in the form of loot.
    • Produce Loot: Rare Item [CD:45s] Produces a random rare item.

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