The Secret Save FIle (SSF) is a hidden game file used for testing things that would take a large amount of time on one's main file. For instance, one can test the maximum number of boxes one can store or give oneself strong enough Battle Arena equipment to fight deep into Endless Dungeon.

Warning: It is not recommended that you make use of SSF until you have sufficiently advanced on your main file so you know what you want to test and how to do it. Especially in the Battle Arena, simply buying the most expensive gear is insufficient to complete many tasks, so you will want to have advanced far enough to know what to do instead.

Where to find it

You can find SSF by holding Ctrl+С and clicking on File 2. If a screen with instructions appears, then you have found it. If not, then click the back button and try again.

What it does

The SSF (Secret Save File) allows you to change many of the variables in a test save file.  When the save file opens, a window will appear allowing you to enter a game variable and an amount.  Hitting control-D at any point will bring this window back up as well.  A mostly-complete list of save variables can be found on the forums.  If the variable you entered is a correct variable a number should pop up where the words "undefined" is.  If a sequence of numbers appears, the variable is an array, and entering a number (for instance, 3) into the small box connected to the variable box will let you edit that particular entry in the array (in our example, the 3rd).  Note however that the first number displayed is element 0.  For instance, careerLevel gives an array of what level each of your careers is.  careerLevel[1] will allow you to edit the level of your idler career, the second number displayed in the careerLevel array.

You also can click "Basic" button, which will allow you to simply replace stats such as coins, exp, garden points, pixels, and so on.


As mentioned above, a mostly-complete list of save variables can be found on the forums. In addition a number of variables have been added. A few are listed below.

  • whiteCoin - The number of white coins the player has
  • shinyToken - The number of shiny tokens the player has.


  • Glitch: If you set Awesome Adventures Maximum Energy to 4 or below, the Max Energy Upgrade in Awesome Shop will be randomly frame-rolling.

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