Secret Dungeon
Secret Dungeon
Door to the Secret Dungeon

Required Rank


Enemy Level Range

6,250 - 9,001

Previous Area

Secret Entrance

Next Area


Number of Enemies




The secret dungeon is a raid consisting of 36 rooms. The goal is to find the spiral portal room, defeat the monster ????? and defeat the two bosses in the final room, Chaos and CHAOS, before the 30 minute timer runs out.

Raid Format

This raid consists of 36 rooms, arranged in a 6-by-6 square. You enter in the bottom right corner, which will always be an empty room. The other 35 rooms include 20 rooms with normal monsters, 4 rooms with boss monsters (rare bosses !!!!! and shinki, the bridge dweller count as normal enemies), 10 treasure chest rooms that may overlap with a normal or boss room, and one room with a red spiral portal in it. Chests can be opened by clicking on them or using the shift key. All enemies in a room must be defeated before you can move. Once you find the portal room, you can click on the portal or press shift to go to the final chamber, where you fight Chaos and then CHAOS. The power of CHAOS depends on the number of chests you opened. Completion of the raid yields a number of rewards.

Entry Limit

You may repeat the raid as many times as you would like. After the 10th entry in a given day, however, enemies give 85% less experience, coins, and pixels. Chaos and CHAOS give 80% less.

Treasure Chests

Each treasure chest that you open gives rewards and increases your final score (see below), but increases the strength of CHAOS.

  • Chest 1 will reveal in white the rooms that have some enemies left. NOTE: The portal room will remain dark grey. Rooms with unopened treasure chests will start flashing between yellow color and normal color with yellow top left corner.
  • Chest 2 will reveal in red the rooms with normal enemies, in the purple rooms with bosses.
  • Chest 3 will reveal in dark red the portal room.

For each chest opened, CHAOS gains:

  • 60% HP
  • 20% Attack
  • 20% Defense
  • 10% Accuracy
  • 10% Evasion
  • 15% Damage from his ranged attack
  • 90% more HP when Healing itself
  • 30% EXP Reward
  • 30% Coin Reward
  • 30% Pixel Reward
  • 1 second of duration for status effects given

(Note: These stack additively, not multiplicatively.)

Additional effects of chests:

  • If 4 or more chests are opened, CHAOS may use the Blue Aura, which reduces damage from all attacks to 1 while it is active.
  • If 6 or more chests are opened, CHAOS may use the Green Aura, which causes attacks to heal him while it is active.  Damage will be dealt as normal, but he will then recover 3x the damage he just took.
  • If 8 or more chests are opened, CHAOS may use the Red Aura, which causes his attacks to deal 2x damage while it is active. All of his attacks do a minimum of 666,666 damage (reduced only by Rest) under this aura.
  • If 10 chests are opened, CHAOS may use the Black Aura, which causes him to harm you by 30% percent of your current HP whenever you damage him while it is active.  This cannot kill you but may reduce your HP to 1.

Regular Chest Rewards

Chests Opened Prize
1 100,000 Pixels
2 300,000 Pixels
3 300,000 Crafting Material
4 700,000 Crafting Material
5 1 Crystal of Rarity
6 Level 8 Armor Mystery Rock, 1 Crystal of Rarity
7 Level 8 Weapon Mystery Rock, 1 Crystal of Rarity
8 Level 9 Armor Mystery Rock, 1 Crystal of Rarity
9 Level 9 Weapon Mystery Rock, 1 Crystal of Ultimate Rarity
10 A random piece of Holy Glory armor OR Dark Angel armor, with duration 7 days on casual, permanent on hardcore. (95% chance for Holy Glory, 5% chance for Dark Angel; 100% chance for Dark Angel if in Worst Moon mode), 1 Crystal of Rarity, 1 Crystal of Ultimate Rarity

Each chest also has ChestNumber% chance to give Regular Boost Potion.

Score and Rewards

Raid Score

Upon beating CHAOS, you will receive a score.  It is calculated as follows:

D: Difficulty Bonus
N: Normal Rooms Cleared
B: Boss Rooms Cleared
S: Seconds Left
C: Chests Opened

Difficulty Bonus Score
Casual 1100
Hardcore 1500

Worst Moon mode increases your Difficulty Bonus score by 700.

Apocalypse mode increases your Difficulty Bonus score by 300.


Upon beating CHAOS, you will receive up to 3 rewards based on your score.

Reward 1

Score Prize
3500+ CHAOS AURA weapon
2800-3499 Random piece of Chaos armor. The defense of this item is increased from its base by (Score / 50).
2100-2799 Random piece of Dark Angel armor. The defense of this item is increased from its base by (Score / 50).

3500+ score requires clearing all rooms and defeating CHAOS in Worst Moon mode on Casual with 8 chests opened and 27 minutes left, 9 chests opened and 24 minutes left or 10 chests opened and 21 minutes left. On Hardcore you can open 3 less chests in same time.

Reward 2

Note: You will receive the first item on the table your score qualifies you for. You are limited to 1 unique per day - if you have received your unique for the day, you will receive the highest mystery enhancer you qualify for.

Score Prize
4200+ Level 5 Unique enhancer (25% chance Weapon, 25% chance Accessory, 50% chance Armor)
3700-4199 Level 4 Unique enhancer (25% chance Weapon, 25% chance Accessory, 50% chance Armor)
3200-3699 Level 3 Unique enhancer (25% chance Weapon, 25% chance Accessory, 50% chance Armor)
2700-3199 Level 2 Unique enhancer (25% chance Weapon, 25% chance Accessory, 50% chance Armor)
2200-2699 Level 1 Unique enhancer (25% chance Weapon, 25% chance Accessory, 50% chance Armor)
4000+ Level 10 Mystery rock (50% chance Weapon, 50% chance Armor)
2600-3999 Level 9 Mystery rock (50% chance Weapon, 50% chance Armor)
1200-2599 Level 8 Mystery rock (50% chance Weapon, 50% chance Armor)

Reward 3

Worst Moon

ceiling(Score / 50) Unobtainium


ceiling(Score / 50) * 5 To Be Nerfed Gems

Other Rewards

If you are in Worst Moon mode, CHAOS armor may drop from CHAOS.  The chance of this happening is (10 + 5 * Chests Opened)%.  This chance increases by 25% in hardcore mode and by 15% in apocalypse mode.  The unobtainium enhancement of this armor is 7 + chestsOpened, with an additional 8 in hardcore and 5 in apocalypse mode.  Therefore, 10 chest hardcore apocalypse mode has a 100% chance of dropping unobtainium enhancement 30 CHAOS armor.

Successfully beating 10 chest hardcore apocalypse CHAOS also gives you the Elixir of Greatness, a 60 minute potion that does nothing.  Its description is "A special potion that once belonged to (yourName), the greatest warrior of Anti-Idle planet. It contains all you need to become as powerful as (yourName)!"

Player also receives (150 + 15 * ChestsOpened) Proof of Training.

Anti-Curse Potion

It used to be possible to buy a potion called the Anti-Curse potion. Having this potion activated when you enter Secret Dungeon removes your chances of obtaining CHAOS armor, substantially lessens your score, and substantially cuts the rare and epic rate of the area while causing enemies to take more damage and deal less damage. The only way to use such a potion, however, is to have one saved from a version when it was possible to buy them.

GIGA Raid Score

(Normal Rooms Cleared * 3 + Boss Rooms Cleared * 11) * (Seconds Left / 360) + Chests Opened) + (Chests opened * 100)+2500


Monster Type Level (Casual) Monster Type Level (Casual)
!!!!! Boss 9000 Small Air Elemental Evolving Normal 6500
Large Air Elemental Normal 7000 Small Earth Elemental Evolving Normal 6500
Large Earth Elemental Normal 7000 Small Water Elemental Evolving Normal 6500
Large Water Elemental Normal 7000 Small Fire Elemental Evolving Normal 6500
Large Fire Elemental Normal 7000 Lizard Slave Normal 6250
Lizard Hulk Normal 6750 Elite Lizard Hulk Normal 7250
Lizard Witch-Doctor Normal 6250 Lizard Shadow Mage Normal 6750
Lizard Berserker Normal 7250 Owlbear Normal 7000
Purple Worm Normal 7500 Rust Monster Normal 6750
Roper Normal 7250 Mimic Normal 7750
Flame Lich Normal 6750 Frost Lich Normal 6750
Demi-Lich Normal 7250 Inky Pool Evolving Normal 6750
Black Pudding Evolving Normal 7250 Elder Pudding Normal 7750
Gelatinous Cube Normal 8000 Gibbering Orb Normal 7000
Gibbering Mouther Normal 7500 Giant Spider Normal 7000
Reapling Normal 7500 Ghostly Adventurer Normal 7000
Invisible Normal 7500 Floating Angel Normal 6750
Floating Devil Normal 7250 Beholder Normal 7750
Hellchihuahua Evolving Normal 6750 Hellhound Evolving Normal 7250
Cerberus Normal 7750 Mummy Evolving Boss 7500
Pharaoh Boss 8000 Visage of Sorrow Evolving Boss 7750
Visage of Rage Evolving Boss 8000 Visage of Joy Evolving Boss 8250
Visage of Apathy Boss 8500 Chimera (1) Evolving Boss 8000
Chimera (2) Evolving Boss 8250 Chimera (3) Boss 8500
Blooooob Evolving Boss 7500 Bloooob Evolving Boss 7750
Blooob Evolving Boss 8000 Bloob Evolving Boss 8250
Blob? Boss 8500 ????? Boss 9000
Chaos Evolving Boss 9000 CHAOS Boss 9001
shinki, the bridge dweller Boss 9000


September 22, 2011: Chaos project announced. [1]
October 16, 2011: Curse of the explosion. [2]
October 19, 2011: Secret BA locations discovered. Back then, the secret dungeon was a series of doors flashing in a cycle. [3]
November 20, 2011: James1011R discovers yet-to-be-released BA monsters. At this point, entering the secret dungeon caused the game to freeze. When a script is aborted, secret monsters were shown. [4]
November 28, 2011: Spooky Crypt released. [5]
December 12, 2011: Incomplete Secret dungeon released in secret save file. [6]
January 5, 2012: CHAOS sneak peek. [7]
January 20, 2012: Secret Dungeon released. [8]

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