Revolution Pyrabow (RPB/PB/Pyra)

Revolution Pyrabow have a 50% chance to be looted as Dark Pyramid reward in the end of the raid, as the other 50% chance are for the Revolution Earrings.


DarkPyramidBonusTier = Based on how much you scored in Dark Pyramid. Please check main article for more.

  • Enhancement count: (+DarkPyramidBonusTier) - Maxmimum of (+5)
  • Required Rank: 26 + (20 * DarkPyramidBonusTier)*
  • Item Level: 6 + (20 * DarkPyramidBonusTier)
  • Attack: 70 + (40 * DarkPyramidBonusTier)
  • Attack Speed: 6 + (DarkPyramidBonusTier)
  • Defense: 60 + (10 * DarkPyramidBonusTier)
  • Critical Chance: 30 + (5 * DarkPyramidBonusTier)
  • Accuracy: 30 + (5 * DarkPyramidBonusTier)

Green Bonus: Spawn Rate

Orange Bonus: Ignore Monster DEF

Random (Purple) Bonus

Unobtanium Enhancement count: DarkPyramidBonusTier

Epic Pyramid Set


When equipped together with Revolution Earrings, you will get the following bonuses:

  • Spawn Rate +5%
  • Damage dealt in Dark Pyramid is multiplied by 1.2

Tips and Notes

Revolution Pyrabow doesn't seem like the strongest weapon, but when fully leveled and finalized it will get one of the best stats for it's rank, and it's highly recommended for new players, as it is obtained for free. Also, it has a relatively high Unobtanium Enhancement count, which makes it's bonuses more powerful.

Have in mind, for example, that a +11 bonus Pyrabow (using 5 attack speed enhancers), will recieve roughly the following stats by leveling:

  • +~1200 Extra Attack
  • +226 Extra Defense
  • +45% Extra Critical Chance
  • +75% Extra Accuracy
  • +1400% Extra HP Regen

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