Revolution Earrings

Revolution Earrings have a 50% chance to be looted as Dark Pyramid reward in the end of the raid, as the other 50% chance are for the Revolution Pyrabow.


DarkPyramidBonusTier = Based on how much you scored in Dark Pyramid. Please check main article for more.

  • Enhancement count: [+DarkPyramidBonusTier] - Maxmimum of [+10]
  • Required Rank: 26 + (20 * DarkPyramidBonusTier)*
  • Attack: 10 * (DarkPyramidBonusTier)
  • Attack Speed: 5 * (DarkPyramidBonusTier)
  • Defense: 10 * (DarkPyramidBonusTier)
  • Critical Damage: 5 * (DarkPyramidBonusTier)
  • Evasion: 5 * (DarkPyramidBonusTier)
  • MaxHP: 5 * (DarkPyramidBonusTier)

Random (Green) Bonus

Random (Orange) Bonus

Unobtainium Enhancement count: DarkPyramidBonusTier

 Epic Pyramid Set

When equipped together with Revolution Pyrabow, you will get the following bonuses:
  • Spawn Rate +5%
  • Damage dealt in Dark Pyramid is multiplied by 1.2

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