Rest is a feature introduced in REVIVE!, Part 1, which gives the player boosts to most in-game features during a given time of playing. Rest can be gained by buying it, or from Offline Progress.


Rest gives the player boosts or decreases in 10 categories, which are, in the game's order:


The menu that opens when you click "Rest".

This decrease/increase is first +/-10%, which can be upgraded(1% per upgrade up to 20%) in the Rest menu.


You can gain Rest in 2 ways: by turning your game off and getting Offline Progress, or by buying it.

Offline Progress

When Offline Progress is turned on, the player gains an amount of hours of Rest, along with EXP and Coins.


One can also buy 4 hours of Rest by using 25,000 Blue Coins, or 250 White Coins. Amount of Rested time is capped at 99:59:59, however, so buying more than that will just bring Rested time to its cap.

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