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Red Bomb
Red Bomb as it appears in the bestiary

Enemy Number



4500 (5850 Hardcore)


Reaction Room

Art By


Battle Arena Monsters
305 Red Raptor?
306 Green Bomb
307 Red Bomb
308 Reaction Box
309 Reaction Box

Monster Stats

Casual Hardcore
Level 4500 5850
HP 9001 22502
Attack 10000000 12000000
Magic Attack 0 0
Defense MAX MAX
Accuracy 75000 112500
Evasion 1500 2250
EXP 50000 62500
Coin 500 625
Pixel 50000 62500
Rampage - 50% HP Left
Special 'Self-Destruct' [Lv. 1] 'Self-Destruct' [Lv. 5]
Heal -
Explode Explodes after 2 seconds for 1 damage
Speed Stationary Stationary
Element Fire (weak to Water)
Boss This monster is not a boss.
Undead This monster is not an undead.
Death This monster doesn't spawn anything on death.

Invisible Ally Stats

Passive Abilities



Ultra Effect

Pixel +30% +75%
Dodge Chance +30% +75%
None - -

Active Abilities

Ability Effect Cooldown
Buff: Invincibility Grants a 5 second buff 70 sec
None - -
None - -

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