Rampage is a monster ability that improves the monster's stats when its HP is low enough. When the monster enters the Rampage state, a red text line saying "RAMPAGE" will appear above the monster for a short while (similar to the damage numbers). Each monster can only enter Rampage state only once, and it lasts permanently until the battle is over. On Casual difficulty, only a few monsters have the Rampage ability. On Hardcore difficulty, all monsters can Rampage.

Rampage's effect on monster

Stat Increase Rate
Movement Speed +20%
Attack +50%
Magic Attack +50%
Defense +50%
Accuracy +50%
Evasion +50%


  • If a monster has the rampage ability on Casual mode, it will need to lose only half as much health on Hardcore mode to rampage.
  • If a monster does not have the rampage ability on Casual mode, it will rampage at 50% of its max health on Hardcore mode. Its attack and magic attack are reduced by 20% before rampaging in this case.
  • The silence effect removes a monster's ability to rampage. The Dark Ruler weapon comes with an orange bonus that guarantees it will inflict the silence status condition on hitting the enemy.

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