The Progress Bar is the first and main feature of the game. It is a vertical bar on the right-hand side of the screen that fills from bottom to top. The Progress Bar has two states: Idle Mode on and Idle Mode off. Once the Progress Bar has filled to 100%, a reward can be collected by pressing a key or moving the mouse if Idle Mode is off. If Idle Mode is on, it will be collected automatically.

Idle Mode

Idle Mode allows you to collect rewards from the Progress Bar without interacting with the game. It can be purchased from the Shop for 500 Coins at level 2, and is controlled by a toggle at the bottom of the Progress Bar.

While Idle Mode is on, the Progress Bar automatically collects a reward when it reaches 100% without requiring interaction from the player. When toggled off, the Progress Bar requires player interaction when the it reaches the top, but awards more coins and experience, and moves faster by default.

There are achievements for collecting a certain number of Progress Rewards in each mode.

The Idlebot Card switches idle mode off and on depending on whether the player has mover their mouse recently.  When a player is inactive, the progress bar will not use idle mode for the first 50% of the bar and will for the final 50%.


Using Blue coins and Green coins respectively, the player can upgrade the speed of the Progress Bar to a maximum of 400% when Idle Mode is off, and 200% when Idle Mode is on.

For Idle Mode on, the number of green coins needed to upgrade the speed by 1 is idleSpeed * idleSpeed * 0.8, rounded down, if the current speed is below 100%. If it is between 100% and 149%, the cost is idleSpeed * idleSpeed * 80. If it is between 149% and 199%, the cost is (idleSpeed - 149) * 180000.

For Idle Mode off, the number of blue coins needed to upgrade the speed by 1 is antiIdleSpeed * antiIdleSpeed / 5000, rounded down, if the current speed is below 200%. Between 200% and 299%, the cost is antiIdleSpeed * antiIdleSpeed / 500, rounded down. Between 300% and 399%, the cost is (antiIdleSpeed - 299) * 180.

Epic Skills

Epic Skills have a chance to offer benefits whenever a progress reward is claimed.

Progress Bar Extensions

An Adventure allows the player to purchase "Progress Bar Extensions".  Normally, the progress bar stops collecting progress at 100% and will not gain more until the reward is claimed.  These extensions allow the progress bar to continue to collect progress above 100%, potentially allowing the user to claim multiple rewards at once, reducing wasted progress.  This also means the user need not move their mouse or hit a key as often (works for Anti-Idle Mode).

For example, after 2 extensions, the progress bar can hold 300% progress.  When the progress bar is completely filled, the player can collect 3 progress rewards at once.

Each extension costs 2,000,000 + (Adventure Reputation) * 10 green coins, (minimum 1,000,000, maximum 3,000,000) meaning the cost can be slightly decreased with negative reputation, and slightly increased with positive reputation.

When the player maxes the progress bar extension (49 upgrades), the adventure gives 2 free reputation instead of the progress bar upgrade.

Progress Bar Modules

Another way of updating the progress bar are progress modules. See Progress Bar Modules.

Exp and Coins

Whenever a reward is claimed you gain exp, yellow, green and occasionally blue coins. These can be increased by certain temporary and permanent perks.

Exp and Coins are given based on the following formula. 

  • EXP gain equals floor(0.9*boost*level^0.6*progressRewardMultiplier/100)
  • Coin gain is between 80% and 120% of floor(0.3*boost*level^0.6*progressRewardMultiplier/100)
  • Green coins gain is 25 per idle progress claim and 50 per anti-idle claim.
  • Blue coins: You have a 10% chance to earn 1 blue coin per anti-idle claim.

progressRewardMultiplier is a number between 100 and 500, shown by mousing over the progress bar. Achievements grant up to +100%, quests grant up to +100%, and pet level grants up to +200%.