Prehistoric Mission


The Entry Room of the Prehistoric Mission.

Prehistoric Mission is a mission located just past the Hole of Time, through the arrow titled -infinity.  It requires a VIP Ticket to access, and it features monsters in the 4000-5500 level range.  It is recommended to attain a minimum of level 1500 before even attempting the mission.  This mission can be played free-of-charge.

Complete a series of rooms at your leisure, then kill 4 final bosses as quickly as possible
  1. HP is set to 9001
  2. Health pots and Heal are both disabled (Can heal up to 74-144 hp inbetween fights well not attacking)
  3. If you quit midway, the mission is begun anew in the Entry Room.
  1. 10-20 or more Proofs of Mission
  2. ~100 million exp, ~20-40 million Pixels, ~20 million coins (from killing bosses)
  3. One level of the OM NOM NOM ability! (Max 30)


In Prehistoric Mission, your health is reduced to 9001, defense reduced to 10%, and health potions and the healing skill are unusable.  The mission consists of overcoming various rooms with special tasks.  After each room, the chance for the player to reach the set of "final rooms" increases by 15%.  Rooms can be encountered multiple times, and in a single mission it is unlikely to participate in every single room, except for the Entry Room and the final rooms, which are mandatory.

The final rooms are a series of three consecutive bosses, followed by the destruction of a high health, max defense treasure boss.  Most of the mission's payout is concentrated in these last rooms, where the bosses drop tens of millions of exp, coins and pixels.  A timer begins in the final rooms, and the speed at which they are completed determines your score and the amount of reward received.  The maximum possible score is +5 on Casual and +6 on hardcore for normal mode.  On Worst Moon Mode, the maximum score is +6 on Casual and +7 on Hardcore.  This mission is canceled if the skill or main menu is accessed.


Note: Before beginning, deactivate Auto Fight.

Entry Room

The Entry Room is the first challenge, and is a straightforward survival task.  The player must last 2 minutes 30 seconds against an onslaught of enemies leveled 4000-4250 (casual difficulty).  If this room can be beaten, it is likely that the other rooms with the exception of the bosses will also be possible.  A canceled mission will reset to this room at full timer.

Warp Room

The Warp Room is an interim room that the player enters between every room.  It lasts 5 seconds and requires no action to pass.

Reaction Room

The Reaction Room spawns two types of enemies: a green bomb and a red bomb.  A green bomb must be destroyed within two seconds or it will explode, while a red bomb will explode if you destroy it.  These explosions will likely kill the player.  The bombs themselves die very easily, so passing this room is solely dependent on the player choosing the correct course of action.

Duration: 50 seconds (spawning begins at 40 seconds)

Note: Turn Auto Fight off!

Chain Reaction Room

In Chain Reaction, a box is spawned before the player.  The box has max defense and explodes if not killed within 15 seconds.  Killing the box in time is very easy; however, after death it evolves either a red or a green bomb.  The challenge for the player is to not accidentally detonate a red bomb after destroying the box.  It is recommended to use basic attacks (or carefully quick attack) to burst the box to low health, then finish the box off one shot at a time.  


  1. Pixel Throw can deal the final blow to guarantee a red bomb is not hit after.
  2. Use OM NOM NOM ability to kill the reaction box and see what bomb is next.
  3. Wait 8-10 seconds to kill each box to minimize the number of enemies you have to fight.

Duration: 50 seconds (spawning begins at 40 seconds)

Note: Turn Auto Fight off!

Luck Room

A lucky break for the player, a small box is spawned that is easily destroyed. After it dies, a random number of slimes are evolved (similar to the treasure hunters in Pirate Interior) that die quickly and give experience.

Duration: ~5 seconds (room is completed after all enemies are destroyed)

Speed Room

A series of anti-snails, aptly named for their speed, are spawned in this room.  The spawn rate is very fast, and the player must kill as quickly as he can for 30 seconds.  The anti-snails all offer great experience points and are level 4750 on casual.

Duration 40 seconds (spawning begins at 30 seconds)

Dimensional Room

This room spawns Powerful Snails, which are slow moving but very high damage snails.  Their melee damage will kill the player in two to three strikes.  In order to avoid being hit, the shift key on the keyboard must be held down to "phase out," making the character temporarily untargetable.  On hardcore, the snail has a ranged attack as well that makes it difficult to kill.  A good strategy is to begin firing max level Quick Attacks (they have high defense) before the snail spawns to hit it hard before it can begin attacking.  Phase out whenever the snail nears.  On hardcore, the Explosive Shots ability is very useful because the snail can be stunned while phased out, allowing the player a brief moment to shoot the snail without being counter-attacked. A useful strategy can be to stall with shift until the timer is out, and then use OM NOM NOM to end the room.  Otherwise, stalling can also be used to slowly regenerate health.

Duration: 50 seconds (Spawning begins at 40 seconds)

Patience Room

A room to test your patience; there is absolutely nothing to do here but wait.

Duration: 40 seconds

Final Rooms - The score timer begins!

Power Room

A level 5000 Power Stone spawns with 8 million health.  It has no attack, but, after 60 seconds, it explodes and kills the player.

Water Room

The most difficult room yet and a "weed-out" room, so to speak. A level 5250 Elite Crab is spawned and the player is subject to Drowning. The crab's attack itself is rather weak, but it applies the slow status which exacerbates the issue of killing him before succumbing to drowning.

Final Alien

The Final Alien spawns at level 5500.  The Final Alien is much tougher than the crab, but on normal mode usually easier than the water room for most players.  The Final Alien's attacks apply weaken.

Treasure Vault

A level 6000 alien treasure with max defense spawns, so quick attacks work best.  If you have it, Roundhouse Kick ignores the treasure's defense and will one-hit it.



The most important skill in this mission is Mana Power.  Mana Power will cause all damage taken to apply to the full mana bar (which has not been reduced like the health bar).  Since mana potions are not disabled in this mission, this gives the player unlimited life and makes a normally very difficult mission possible for players as low level as 1500.  Note that the drowning effect in the water room pierces through the shield, so a strong offense is still required.

The other most important priority is damage.  This means maxing Power Attack, which will deal the most damage to the Elite Crab and the Final Alien.  Quick Attack can be useful to bring down Power Snails and the Alien Treasure, but it is not strictly necessary to max in order to complete the mission.  Other sources of damage include Critical Force, Coup de Grace, Double Hit, Weapon Booster, and Buff Boost.  Profanity Potion can also help keep mana potion costs down.

Status effects synergize nicely with Coup de Grace to kill the Alien Treasure faster, as well as weaken the other bosses.  However, monsters in this mission are immune to poison. 

Combo skills don't need to be raised very high because combos are not easily maintained in this mission.  Rage is not optimal because there isn't really opportunity to build rage.

Once the player is comfortable with the mission, points in priority skills can be sacrificed as necessary in favor of reward skills, which will significantly increase payout.


It's recommended to first attempt the mission with a Ring of Protection because a misstep in the Reaction Rooms can kill the player instantly. Without a Ring of Protection, the player can also exit the mission if the Reaction Rooms are encountered and hope for better luck the next time.  Otherwise, damage rings (recommended Speed or cruelty) can be used to kill the final bosses quicker and more easily.  A reward ring (experience, greed, or luck) should definitely be used if power or survival is not an issue.


Any damage potion is useful.  On Casual Difficulty, a Power Potion may help you to survive a bomb explosion (untested whether this is due to the potion or the difficulty).  A ??? Potion can be taken at the Alien Treasure to improve the reward.  A reward potion can be taken at the player's discretion as well.

Recommended Bonus Rocks

Bonus Rocks (Type A, B, and C) are recommended as following:

Type A (green bonus): Earth Element for damage (or something else if damage not needed)

Type B (orange bonus): Boss Damage

Type C (Purple Bonus): Accuracy for low leveled players


A high powered weapon is necessary to improve time and help kill the bosses.  A fully leveled Revolution Pyrabow is an easily obtained item, more than powerful enough weapon for the task.  Both of these are available from the Dark Pyramid.  Armor should be high enough rank to confer adequate amounts of bonuses. Some other ideas for armor include the Elm Gloves and Elm shoes, which are crafted from the Secret Recipe 4 loot drop.

At rank 500, this mission is best handled with the Dark Ruler weapon, whose silence effect ability negates the ability of the bombs to explode.  This weapon will also switch to quick attack automatically against the treasure, meaning one can safely idle this mission.


The boss Invisible Allies offer very nice bonuses, so at some point a run with high epic counter and high drop rate should be done to obtain these allies.

Many of the other Invisible Allies are very hard to come by, and you will want a very high drop rate when eventually farming them.

Attempting this mission on a harder mode increases the timer and so your potential score.  Hardcore Worst Moon is likely needed to obtain the S-rank Quest score.

Earning a + 6 (and Worst Moon)

In order to earn a +6 on normal Hardcore mode, the kick ability that is learned by defeating Chuck Norris in Ye Old Pub 2012 is necessary.  On casual, +5 is the max.

In Worst Moon mode, the bar begins ~10 seconds into +7 on casual and it is full +7 on Hardcore.  A fast player may be able to achieve +6 on casual without Chuck Norris' kick, but it is most easily done on Hardcore.  Similar to normal mode, in order to achieve +7, Chuck Norris' kick is necessary to finish off the Alien Treasure.  Even on WM mode, the kick will annihilate the treasure.