Polluted Sky
Polluted Sky
Image of Polluted Sky

Required Rank


Enemy Level Range


Area to the Bottom

The Sky

Number of Enemies




The Polluted Sky has a background of a sky with a huge amount of factories releasing polluted air. It links to The Sky at the bottom.


Monster Type Level (Casual)
Bird Wind 180
Blue Bird Wind 190
Healer Bird Light 200
Dark Bird Dark 210
Thunderbird Thunder 220
Zombie Bird Dark 230
Seagull Wind 240
Feonix Fire Boss 275
Air Spirit Wind Boss 300
Beeterfly Wind 250


The Polluted Sky has similar creatures compared with The Sky; however, there are two new enemies added in this area.  The Polluted Sky also has a faster spawn rate than The Sky but is a timed area.

The time limit for this zone is 45 minutes. When the timer on the top reaches 00:00, the player will be teleported back to Ye Olde Pub.

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