Pirate Ship Interior is a timed zone in the Battle Arena. you can only get to it and from it to the Pirate Ship zone (required rank 70). after 90 minutes in this zone you will be teleported to Ye Olde Pub.

There's also a black square, leading to the Censored Departure with no monsters, where are you teleported to the Censor Ship after some time.

Pirate Ship Interior

Pirate Ship Interior


Monster Type Level (Casual) Level (Hardcore)
Treasure hunter

Treasure Hunter

Fire Evolving 1600
Duplicated Ninja
Duplicated Ninja
Dark 1700
Treasure Chest Dark Evolving 1800
Another Chest Dark Evolving 1800
Blue Ghost Water Boss Undead Evolving 1900
Green Ghost Wind Boss Undead Evolving 1950
Red Ghost Fire Boss Undead Evolving 2000
Super Ghost Dark Boss Undead 2300
Pirate Gem Boss 2250

Area Information

Safe Area No
Underwater No
Base Spawn Rate 1.8 seconds
Base IA Drop Rate 10%
Area Rare Rate 3%
Area Epic Rate 0.2% (1% in Worst Moon)

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