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Perk Tree

The Perk Tree

Every time you Ascend, you gain one or more Permanent Perk Points, which are spent on Permanent Ascend Perks. There are three sectors of the Perk Tree, each requiring a different kind of Permanent Perk Point. Upon completion of an Ascension, you gain one Perk Point of that level and of all levels below it. This means that completing a Hard Ascension gives you one Medium and one Hard Permanent Perk Point. Players begin at one of the three corners of the Perk Tree, and then progress from there, buying perks that are touching already unlocked ones.  Each perk has three levels of upgrades, but to access the next level of perks, you must buy all 36 perks on the current level.

List of Medium Permanent Perks

  • Perk #17 (2 Medium): When Idle Mode is OFF, you gain 20% extra EXP from the Progress Bar.
  • Perk #18 (2 Medium): EXCELLENT clicks have a 50% chance to give 1 Purple Button.
  • Perk #19 (3 Medium): You gain 80% extra EXP from Simple Race, Item Fight, and Death Match modes in Stadium.
  • Perk #20 (4 Medium): You gain 80% extra Anti-Idle EXP from TukkunFCG.
  • Perk #21 (6 Medium): You gain 2x the rewards from Random Quests.
  • Perk #22 (4 Medium): You recover 40 extra fatigue every 5 minues in Fishing.
  • Perk #23 (3 Medium): You gain 5 extra seeds when breeding in Another Garden.
  • Perk #24 (2 Medium): Wait time for Adventure Energy is reduced by 20%.
  • Perk #25 (2 Medium): When Idle Mode is ON, you gain 4% extra EXP from the Progress Bar.
  • Perk #26 (1 Medium): When Idle Mode is OFF, you gain 20% extra Coins from the Progress Bar.
  • Perk #27 (1 Medium): Career Blessing Duration is increased by 40%, and 200 more Career EXP is given when a career potion is used.
  • Perk #28 (2 Medium): Boost gain from Auto-Booster is increased by 4%.
  • Perk #29 (2 Medium): Critical Print Chance is increased to 3% (normally 1%).
  • Perk #30 (3 Medium): Chance to gain good items from fishing is slightly increased.
  • Perk #31 (4 Medium): Progress Bar fills 10% more quickly.
  • Perk #32 (3 Medium): Sell price of LolMarket Gems is increased to 93% of the buy price (normally 90%).
  • Perk #33 (2 Medium): All Garden Trees last 30% longer.
  • Perk #34 (2 Medium): Ants appear at a 10% slower speed.
  • Perk #35 (1 Medium): Raid entries in the battle arena are increased to 12 per day (normally 10)
  • Perk #36 (1 Medium): When Idle Mode is ON, you gain 4% extra Coins from the Progress Bar.

List of Hard Permanent Perks

  • Perk #5 (2 Hard): Wait time for demand control is reduced to 5 minutes (normally 7 minutes).
  • Perk #6 (3 Hard): Perfect Catches in Fishing give 80% extra EXP.
  • Perk #7 (4 Hard): Cost to feed pet is reduced by 20%.
  • Perk #8 (3 Hard): 4% of Coin gain is added to EXP.
  • Perk #9 (2 Hard): Maximum number of ants is reduced by 5%.
  • Perk #10 (1 Hard): You gain 80% extra EXP from Arcade.
  • Perk #11 (1 Hard): You gain 40% more Coins, Green Coins, and Blue Coins from loot drops in Battle Arena.
  • Perk #12 (2 Hard): You gain 80% extra EXP from Awesome Adventures.
  • Perk #13 (3 Hard): Gain 280% of original Career EXP when a Career is blessed (normally 200%).
  • Perk #14 (2 Hard): When harvesting trees in Another Garden, you have one additional chance to gain Randomfruit.
  • Perk #15 (1 Hard): Basic Attack and Auto Fight powers are increased by 40%.
  • Perk #16 (1 Hard): Chance to catch fishing items when idling is increased by 10%.

List of Impossible Permanent Perks

  • Perk #1 (5 Impossible): This perk does not do anything.
  • Perk #2 (1 Impossible): Green Coin and Blue Coin gains from the Progress Bar are multiplied by 3.
  • Perk #3 (3 Impossible): All Epic Skills can be upgraded 2 additional times.
  • Perk #4 (1 Impossible): Money Printer speed is increased by 100%


  • Perk #1 does not have any use at all individually, but having it and every other perk activated on the tree will allow you acess to the next level of permanent perks.
  • Although it wouldn't be practical for level 1 perks, you can use Perk #1 to start filling the tree from the top.
  • Completely filling the first level Permanent perk tree requires a minimum of 50 Ascensions, 10 being Impossible, 15 Hard and 25 Medium.

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