Not Copyright Infringement

Required Rank


Enemy Level Range

Casual: 4700-6000
Hardcore: 6110-7800

Area to the Left

Pokayman City

Number of Enemies




Not Copyright Infringement is a timed zone in the Battle Arena.

The time limit for this zone is 75 minutes, after that you will be teleported to Pokayman City.


Monster Type Level (Casual) Level (Hardcore) Note
Pokay Ball Normal 5200 6760
Castor Ball Boss 5500 7150
Peekatchu Normal 4700 6110 Can respawn after death as Ryechew
Ryechew Normal 5000 6500
Voltode Normal 4800 6240 Can respawn after death as Electrorb
Electrorb Normal 5100 6630
Sanke Normal 4900 6370 Can respawn after death as Kroba
Kroba Normal 5200 6760
Duglett Normal 5000 6500 Can respawn after death as Digtrio
Digtrio Normal 5300 6890
Magnetmight Normal 5100 6630 Can respawn after death as Magnettonne
Magnettonne Normal 5400 7020
Rawrquaza Boss 6000 7800

Area Information

Safe Area No
Underwater No
Time Limit 75 minutes
Base Spawn Rate 3.3 seconds
Base IA Drop Rate 5%
Area Rare Rate 3%
Area Epic Rate 0.3% (3% in Worst Moon)

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