Mystic Path area is reachable from the Pirate Ship.

In this area, the player will be regularly damaged due to Drowning and enemies have MAX Defense, attacks will deal minimal damage, and skills such as Quick Attack as well as bonuses not related to Attack Power become important.

Mystic Path has two types of enemies: Gems and Jellies. The Gems have high health but offer high rewards, releasing millions of Yellow Coins upon death. If the gems are not killed within 30 seconds, they explode and may kill the player. The Jellies die much more quickly, offer much smaller rewards, and aggressively attack the player. Using a Mining Pickaxe greatly increases damage against the gem-type enemies.

Smiley Island is reachable from this zone through the arrow named as "???" by entering the correct password. The hint is very helpful in determining this password (spoilers).