Money printer

The Money printer, post-Explosion. The green Square indicates the progress of the current print.

The Money Printer (also known as "Illegal Money Printer" or just "Printer") is a generator of Yellow Coins (and occasionally Green coins). You can buy it from the Feature Shop at Level 60 for 300,000 Coin-template. The coins it generates are counted in your overall total (the game does not distinguish between illegal and legal coins, aside from counting toward certain achievements).


The money printer screen contains:

  • The printer itself, which shows the current print progress.
  • The printer's battery.
    • The battery can be recharged by clicking its icon. Charging the battery costs 2 Greencoin-template.
    • If you have the Super Battery upgrade, a copy of this icon is also visible at all times in the main window.
  • The printer's power.
  • The printer's level along with the level upgrade button.
  • The number of coins the printer has produced.


The printer begins printing as soon as you purchase it and charge it for the first time. Besides keeping the battery charged, there is no manual interaction necessary to produce coins.

The amount of time each print takes is determined by the number of charges in the battery. Each charge increases the print progress by 1/2000 per second. At 1 charge, a print takes 33 minutes and 20 seconds; at 400 charges, it takes 5 seconds; at 1000 charges, each print takes only 2 seconds. The progress of the current print is indicated by the green square on the printer image.


Printer rewards are a function of printer level and player level, and are not affected by boosts. The printer runs while idle mode is on, but not if the game is not running.

The amount of coins to be printed is as follows (rounded to the nearest 100):

$ \text{moneyToPrint} = \left \lfloor \left ( \left ( \text{printerLevel} + 25\right ) \times \text{level}^{0.65} \times 6.3 + 4560 \right ) \times \left ( 1 + \frac{\text{printerLevel}}{100} \right ) \right \rfloor $

Each print has a 1% chance to be a Critical Print. In addition to the printed Yellow Coins, you will receive Green Coins equivalent to 10% of moneyToPrint.


The Printer prints using charges from its battery. The battery can hold up to 1000 charges, and uses either 1 charge (if the battery has less than 160 charges) or 5 charges (if the battery has at least 160 charges) per print.

The amount of charges left in the battery can be roughly determined by the colors of the bars on the battery icon:

  • no colored bars = 0 charges
  • 1 red bar = 10 charges
  • 4 red bars = 40 charges
  • 4 yellow bars = 80 charges
  • 4 green bars = 120 charges
  • 4 blue bars = 160 charges
  • 4 pink bars = 200+ charges


Printer Level

The printer's level increases the amount of money you will receive per print (see Rewards). The printer starts at level 1, and can be upgraded for a cost when your level is at least 20 times the printer level to which you are upgrading. The maximum printer level is 400.

The cost to upgrade from level N-1 to level N (Coin-template):

$ 10000N^2 $

The total cost to upgrade from level 1 to level N (Coin-template, not including the 300,000 purchase cost):

$ \left ( \frac{5000(N-1)}{3} \right ) \times \left ( 2(N-1)^2 + 9(N-1) + 13)\right ) $

Printer Level Level Cost (Coin-template) Total Cost (Coin-template)
2 40,000 40,000
3 90,000 130,000
4 160,000 290,000
5 250,000 540,000
10 1,000,000 3,840,000
25 6,250,000 55,240,000
50 25,000,000 429,240,000
75 56,250,000 1,434,490,000
100 100,000,000 3,383,490,000
200 400,000,000 26,866,990,000
300 900,000,000 90,450,490,000
400 1,600,000,000 214,133,990,000

Other Upgrades

In addition to upgrading the printer itself, the battery may be upgraded to a Super Battery for 750 Bluecoin-template at the Feature Shop. A Super Battery provides several features:

  • You can charge the battery manually to 200 charges rather than 160.
  • Full charge still costs 2 Greencoin-template.
  • The battery icon is displayed on the main window, and may be clicked without going to the printer window.

Explosion crates may award 200 or 400 charge units.

The Battery Charger epic skill has a 1% chance per skill level to increase the battery's charge by 2 units per reward claim.

The Battery Charger Card increases the battery's charge by 1 each second. With the card active, the printer will stay at 395-400 charges.

The Money Printer Medium Perk (#29) raises Critical Print chance to 3%/4%/6% at levels 1/2/3, respectively.

The Money Printer Impossible Perk (#4) prints 80%/120%/200% extra Coins (and Green Coins for Critical Prints) per print at levels 1/2/3, respectively.


Main article: Achievements/List of Normal Achievements

A total of 21 Achievements are available from the Printer feature.

Upgrading your printer level to certain milestones will unlock six achievements:

Name Requirement Stars
Printer Upgraded! Have a level 2 Money Printer 0.05%
Illegal Upgrades Have a level 5 Money Printer 0.05%
Extremely Illegal Have a level 10 Money Printer 0.05%
Coins Spent For More Coins Have a level 25 Money Printer 0.10%
It's Worth Upgrading! Have a level 50 Money Printer 0.10%
Max Upgrader (or maybe not) Have a level 100 Money Printer 0.15%

Printing a number of illegal coins will unlock eight achievements:

Name Requirement Stars
First Illegal Money Print 1,000,000 Coins 0.05%
It Prints... Coins? Print 2,000,000 Coins 0.05%
It Prints Money! Print 5,000,000 Coins 0.05%
Going Illegal Print 10,000,000 Coins 0.05%
More Illegal Money Print 25,000,000 Coins 0.10%
Even More Illegal Money Print 50,000,000 Coins 0.10%
A Lot of Illegal Money Print 100,000,000 Coins 0.10%
'This is illegal, you know' Print 250,000,000 Coins 0.15%

Gaining battery charges will unlock seven achievements:

Name Requirement Stars
Battery Charged! Gain a total of 250 battery charges 0.05%
First Charges Gain a total of 500 battery charges 0.05%
Battery Charger Gain a total of 1,000 battery charges 0.05%
Printer User Gain a total of 2,500 battery charges 0.05%
Haven't Forgotten Gain a total of 5,000 battery charges 0.10%
Battery Supercharged! Gain a total of 10,000 battery charges 0.10%
Chargin' Mah Battery Gain a total of 25,000 battery charges 0.15%


Prior to the Explosion, the battery charge maximum was 160 units, and could be surpassed only with the epic skill. The battery was free to charge. Printer upgrades both speed up the printer and increase the money produced per print.

After the Explosion, a battery charge cost 2 Greencoin-template. The Super Battery upgrade was offered to increase the maximum charge.