Mission Kommander's Mission

Requires rank 25.

How to reach

 Earn points by killing monsters. .  When you have obtained enough points, an icon will appear in the top left of the arena screen, which you can click to teleport back to the pub to claim your reward  The number of points required increases with each completed mission. 

  === Rewards ===  After completing this mission, the player receives some Insta-Progress, Pixelated Mystery Boxes, increased boosts, arena EXP and Proof of Mission. (Each amount will increase as more missions are completed, Pixelated Mystery Boxes increase by 1 for every 100 missions completed.)  You gain an additional Pixelated Mystery Box for every 10 missions you complete.   

Reward Formulas

arenaKommanderComplete = Amount of times you completed Mission Kommander's Mission

  •  Required Points: arenaKommanderComplete¹·⁷ + 1000". 

 Pixelated Mistery Boxes (rounded down): 

  •  3 + (arenaKommanderComplete / 100) 

   Proof of Mission (Caps at 200):  

  • missionProof = 1 + Math.floor( / 20);
(someone please simplify this code like I did on the others)
   if( % 10 == 9)
      missionProof = missionProof + 1;

 Insta Progress:  

  • missionProgress = 50 + (missionReq / 100);

Arena Exp:

  • missionExp = Math.floor(missionReq * 100);  

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