How to mine

First, you will need a pickaxe. You can craft one at Rank 30. Better pickaxes are available at higher ranks:

Rank 30: Bronze Pickaxe

Rank 70: Silver Pickaxe

Rank 120: Golden Pickaxe

Rank 180: Diamond Pickaxe

Rank 250: Master Pickaxe ( Obtainable from Pixelated Mystery Box, comes as permanent)

Rank 350? Legendary Pickaxe

Rank 500: Unobtainium Pickaxe

Next, equip the pickaxe and go to any zone which is between Ye Olde Pub and Hole of Time, except Danger Zone and the Sky. Regular monster spawns will be replaced with Secret Crystals, which can only be effectively damaged using a pickaxe. Hit the pickaxe until it dies WARNING: You must kill the Crystal in 120 seconds. Crystal explodes after 120 seconds if not killed, effectively killing the miner also.

Occasionaly, a stronger type of crystal will spawn. It is always epic, and colors differ from the usual one. 

Stronger pickaxes cause stronger crystals to spawn:

SC1 (The rare one)

Bronze: Casual 500 | HC 650

Silver: Casual 1000 | HC 1300

Gold: Casual 2000 | HC 2600

Diamond: Casual 3500 | HC 4550

Master: Casual 5000 | HC 6500

Legendary: Casual 7000 | HC 9001

Unobtanium: Casual 9001 | HC 9001

SC2 (The epic one)

Bronze: Casual 700 | HC 910

Silver: Casual 1400 | HC 1820

Gold: Casual 2800 | HC 3640

Diamond: Casual 4900 | HC 6370

Master: Casual 7000 | HC 9001

Legendary: Casual 9001 | HC 9001

Unobtanium: Casual 9001 | HC 9001

Recommended Setup

How to effectively damage the crystal? Regular hits deal about 2000 damage, and this cannot be altered by %. Attack bonus, Equipment Attack, and Attack Power. Critical hits and Boss Damage all work very well against the crystals. 

You may find that the pickaxe you have is rather slow to hit the crystals. This can be fixed by either wearing a Speed ring or using Speed enhancer on your pickaxe and/or finalizing your pickaxe. Note that you should aim to cap Attack Speed (25) without the speed ring. This allows the use of another ring, which can be very useful. This is usually the first priority while mining.

  • Extra attack speed will convert into double hit chance at recent version, double hit chance are capped at 95%, you can reach 95% double hit with a speed ring easily. And/or with the help of speed skill,equip enchant speed,accessory,Combo King medal,Invisible ally.

Secondly, you should hit the cap (or be as close as possible to hitting it) for Critical Chance (95%). Critical hits deal multiplied damage without any additional penalty. For this reason, you want to raise your Critical Damage as much as possible. All of this is further boosted by Boss damage. Boss damage and Critical damage stack multiplicatively, therefore you should try to maximize the product of the two for maximum damage to crystal.

You may consider using buffs to assist you during the kills. However, you always deal fixed base damage to crystals, therefore Mastery potions are useless. Power potions are also useless because raising attack does not increase damage against crystal. Therefore use Reward potion for increased rewards, or Enrage from one of the Invisible Allies. Enrage boosts Boss and Non-Boss damage, which affects the damage dealt to crystal and could be the preferred option when fighting crystals.

Rings to use: Cruelty(preferred), Speed, Critical, Luck

If you don't have any rings or you just died and lost all of them, go do a dark pyramid run. Even if you don't do any damage at all the bonus at the end usually gives you around 8 rings if you had none to start with.

Your skills and colored bonuses on equipment should be based on the concepts above. Useful skills to invest in:

Quick Attack (if Anti-idling)

MP Recovery (a few points to help with MP consumption if using Quick Attack)

Combo Critical and Combo Reward (you will not be attacked, easily obtaining the bonuses from these skills)

Weapon Booster

Critical Force

Keen Eyes

Double Hit

Coup de Grace (100% crit when enemy HP falls under certain percentage. Not as useful with 95% crit chance. Has a good synergy with status effects)

Status skill(to increase damage with Coup de Grace)

Money UP

Five Leaf Clover

Choose an Invisible Ally with Attack speed (if not capped) or Boss damage and/or Enrage and/or Increased Reward. Good choices for this role are (various levels):

Fireball (+3 attack speed, +5% Damage)

Fire/Frost/Nature Dragon (+4% Damage + 24s Enrage)

Bloodsurfer (+15% Damage)

Any Special Arena monster (varies from +12% to +50% Boss damage and above). Special Mention: Dark Stone (+52% Boss damage and 45s Enrage)

Any Tower of Doom monsters (+40% up to +80% Boss Damage)

Corruption Boss IAs (+60% Boss damage)

Secret Dungeon Boss IAs (+58%~+60% Boss Damage)

Chuck Norris (+80% Boss Damage)

Chaos (+90% Boss Damage)

CHAOS (+120% Boss Damage)

Equipment: Crystal Armor and Armor of Loot are nice sets for mining. If none of those is available, use anything you have, preferably something with Critical Damage, Critical Chance and/or Attack speed. Adjust orange bonuses according to your needs (Rank 180+ at Abandoned Lab). Same for accessories. Preferred pendant: Collector's Pendant. While wearing the Collector's Pendant, you have a chance to obtain an item that is usually crafted, fairly often with even higher stats than the crafted ones.

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