Mind Sweeper is an arcade game that costs 4 arcade tokens to play. It does not come with the Arcade by default and must be purchased as part of the Arcade Pack from the Features Shop. The structure of the game bears a lot of similarity to Minesweeper (hence the name) and involves clicking boxes on a large board to uncover hints (usually numbers) that aid in the game's objective. The goal of this game, however, is to narrow down the location of the one box that contains the blue circle, given a time limit and a limited number of clicks.


When uncovered, each box will reveal one of 7 things:

  • Goal (a blue box): If you encounter this, you get +2  turns. It can be clicked another time. Clicking this will reset the board, increase your score multiplier by 1, and add more turns to your total count. The number of turns added after each round is (20 - [next multiplier]), with a minimum of 5.  Each board has exactly one of these, and its location is determined randomly.
  • EXP: Gives you a small amount of EXP.  Any square that is not the goal, an arrow, or a bold number has a 10% chance to be an EXP square.
  • +: Gives you 2 additional turns.
  • White Coin: Gives you a white coin.
  • Arrow: An arrow pointing you in the direction of the goal from that position. For example if it is an up arrow, then the circle will be in a row above the arrow. The first square uncovered will always be an arrow.  Each square that is not the goal has a [40/multiplier]% chance of being an arrow; this can be increased with upgrades.
  • Bold Number: This tells you how far away the goal is from that square, vertically and horizonally. The distance is measured in adjacent moves. For example if the number is 1 then the circle will be in one of the four adjacent squares.  Each square that is not the goal or an arrow has a [40/multiplier]% chance of being a bold number, and this can also be increased with upgrades.
  • Normal Number: A normal number (0-8) will indicate how many boxes surrounding that square are NOT normal numbers, i.e. how many of them are of one of above listed box types.  Any square that is not one of the above will be a normal number.

Rules: ?????.

  • Clicking a box to uncover it will use one turn.
  • When you reach 0 turns, your game is over.
  • When the time runs out, your game is over.
  • The first click of a round will always yield an arrow or the Exit


  • A smart strategy would be to make your first move somewhere in the center of the board. Since the first move is always an arrow, making a move in the center eliminates half of the squares on the board every time. Clicking closer to an edge, on the other hand, could potentially eliminate most of the board, but more likely it will simply eliminate the sliver of edge boxes.
  • Make your second move along the row or column pointed to by the arrow somewhere between the arrow and halfway to the wall.
  • If you uncover a bold number, you've eliminated almost the entire board as the potential goal and can thus attempt to search for it by clicking in a perimeter around the bold number. Pay attention to the uncovered arrows and normal numbers so you do not waste moves.
  • Uncovering a number 0 can eliminate up to 8 surrounding boxes (depending on how many have already been clicked) as potential special boxes, and thus there is nothing to gain from clicking them, aside from the meager hints provided by the normal numbers.
  • Boxes that are not normal numbers are less abundant as the multiplier increases. You can use this to your advantage, as you can quickly rule out large portions of the board 
  • Search around high-numbered normal number boxes, as you will be more likely to find something useful.  
  • Flag (F + click) around bold numbers and 0s. This will make the board easier to interpret.