LolMarket Interface
LolMarket Interface

Level required



40 Million Yellow coins


Experience, Green coins, Blue coins, Gems


Allows the buying and selling of gems for green and blue coin profit.


Very High Blue & Green Coins


The objective of the LolMarket is to buy gems for low prices and sell them for higher. The fluctuation of the LolMarket is random, but can be influenced by the Demand Master card or the corresponding career. There are 10 types of gems, each with a different range of values. The demand of each gem indicates the amount the price of the gem will rise or fall the next time the LolMarket updates. By buying when the price nears minimum and selling when the price nears the maximum for each gem, profit can be made.



The amount of each gem that can be purchased is determined by the total profit made in the LolMarket. This caps out at 5,000 gems, though the number of gems in possession can exceed the maximum from rewards, such as from Awesome Adventures or a pet.


The buy price indicated is the amount of green coins it takes to purchase one unit of a gem. The sell price is always 10% lower than this amount. This is known as the spread. In order to make profit, the gem price must rise by over 10% before the user sells it. The price increases or decreases every update cycle in accordance to demand. The minimum price of a gem is 450 times its level, and the maximum is 2550 times its level. The soft cap is 1000 times its level to 2000 times its level. Past this cap, the demand of the gem will return to the soft range by the level of the gem each update. For example, a level 4 gem that costs less than 4,000 will have its demand increase by 4 until the price is above 4,000.

The Prices

Gem lvl Min Max Soft Cap
1 450 2,550 1,000-2,000
2 900 5,100 2,000-4,000
3 1,350 7,650 3,000-6,000
4 1,800 10,200 4,000-8,000
5 2,250 12,750 5,000-10,000
6 2,700 15,300 6,000-12,000
7 3,150 17,850 7,000-14,000
8 3,600 20,400 8,000-16,000
9 4,050 22,950 9,000-18,000
10 4,500 25,500 10,000-20,000


The demand of the gem indicates the amount the price will change the next update. The demand is also changed on update. The maximum magnitude of a demand is 40, meaning that the price of a gem can only rise or fall a maximum of 40 every update. Furthermore, there is a soft cap of 15, after which the demand will return to those values every update equal to the level of the gem. Demand can be influenced through a card, career, or through demand controls. Normally, if you are in possession of at least one gem of that level, the demand has a 2.5% chance of increasing by one and vice versa if you don't, thereby naturally providing profit over time.


This is the amount of money gained for each gem. It is worth noting that this value keeps track of multiple purchases, and averages the costs over all the gems. Total profit determines the maximum carrying capacity of a gem, and is equal to all money gained in the LolMarket, subtracting the value of any gems in possession.

Demand Control

Through the second tab, the demand of all gems can be either raised, lowered, or randomized. This control can be activated every 7 minutes. If the demand card is on, a gem's demand will be automactically raised over time if you have more than 50% of your gem cap on a specific gem, and get lowered if you have less than 50% of that gem.


Updates change the prices and demands of all gems.  There is a 7% chance for the market to update every second, which means that the market will update every 14-15 seconds on average, though it can update several times in a row, once per second.  When the market updates, the current demand will be added to the Buy price.  A positive demand (green) will increase the buy price, whereas a negative demand (orange) will decrease the Buy price.  Because the Sell price is always 90% of the Buy price, the change in Sell price may be smaller than the demand value.

Tips and Strategy

Try to buy gems that are below their soft cap and sell when they are above it.

If you trade one gem at a time, you will get less benefit from the Control Market window. To get more of an advantage from it, hit the Decrease button every chance you get and buy gems as they near their minimum price. After you have several different types of gems, switch to the Increase button to make them all rise at once. This is often more efficient than trying to constantly buy and sell different gems.

You cannot sell gems if it would put you over the green coin limit (currently 999,999,999 green coins)