Level [noun] is a position on a real or imaginary scale of amount, quantity, extent, or quality. (Dictionary definition) In Anti-Idle, the Level is a number that represents your "skill" in Ai:tG. The higher it is, the more features you unlock. If you are looking for the Battle Arena experience, see Rank.

Every few levels, you can visit the Dragon of Wisdom to gain rewards.

Description in-game

Level - Your current level. The higher level you are, the more things you can do. Level also increases your bragging rights.

Level rewards

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Levelling Tips

  • If you idle a lot, consider the Idler Business. A high rank can get you several Instant progresses.
  • Check your boxes often. You may find some Progress boxes, which give you instant progresses.
  • Thanks to the daily 2x EXP bonus, Adventures are one of the best sources of exp available. The more reputation you gain, the more EXP you get. You can also feed your pet Special Pet Food to increase the EXP you get from them.