Holy Glory set is a 6-piece set that can be obtained through crafting (weapon) and as a Secret Dungeon reward (armor). It has a 14 day limit when obtained in Casual mode and is permanent when awarded in Hardcore mode. It has a high chance to be looted whenever the player opens all 10 chest in Secret Dungeon, but there's a smaller chance to drop Dark Angel Set instead, which is quite similar to HG. (Holy Glory).
HG set as it looks like when equipped (Glaive of Smiting not included).

Example Stats (after fusing and finalizing)*

  • Required Rank: 258
  • Attack: ~50-70
  • Attack Speed: 0%
  • Defense: 170~270
  • Critical Damage: 20-40%
  • Evasion: 9-60%
  • MaxHP: 0-80%
  • Unobtanium Enhancement: 3

Set Bonus

  • [5 items] Spawn Rate +10%
  • [5 items] Damage +25%
  • [6 items] Spawn Rate +20%
  • [6 items] Damage +200%

Set Pieces

  • Glaive of Smiting
  • Holy Glory Hat
  • Holy Glory Shirt
  • Holy Glory Gloves
  • Holy Glory Pants
  • Holy Glory Shoes

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