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<-- Sword Bunneye

Flying Sword-->

Gun Bunneye
Gun Bunneye as it appears in the bestiary

Enemy Number



2,800 (3,640 Hardcore)


Pirate Ship

Art By


Battle Arena Monsters
137 Bunneye
138 Sword Bunneye
139 Gun Bunneye

Flying Sword


Evil Sword

Gun Bunneye (Casual)
Health 61,400,000 Element Ice
Attack 158,000 Speed 32% screen/s
Magic Attack 189,600 Heal 6,000,000
Defense 1,990,000 Explode -
Accuracy 7,650 Rampage 75% HP left
Evasion 8,280 Special Weaken
Experience 7,550 Boss -
Coins 2,280 Zombie -
Pixels 2,800 Death -
Gun Bunneye (Hardcore)
Health 153,500,000 Element Ice
Attack 237,000 Speed 32% screen/s
Magic Attack 284,400 Heal 6,000,000
Defense 3,980,000 Explode -
Accuracy 11,475 Rampage 87% HP left
Evasion 12,420 Special Weaken
Experience 9,437 Boss -
Coins 2,850 Zombie -
Pixels 4.200 Death -

Invisible Ally Stats

Passive Abilities

Ability Effect
Mastery +15%

Active Abilities

Ability Effect CD
Attack:Weaken Damage: 350%, Weaken: 6s 23s
Attack:Regular Damage:175% 11s
Heal Damage to Undead: 350%, Heal: 40% 19s

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