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Grinning Colossus
Grinning Colossus as it appears in the bestiary

Bestiary Number



1 (1 in Hardcore)


Ropeless Room

Art by


Battle Arena Monsters
272 Ice Spirit
273 The Guardian
274 Grinning Colossus
275 Chuck Norris
276 Arena Box

Found in the Ropeless Room , Grinning Colossus is an enemy which can only be damaged greatly by the Burned Rope. Any other weapon will deal a very small amount of damage.

Monster Stats

Casual Hardcore
Level 1 9001
HP 9001 22502
Attack 1 0
Magic Attack 0 0
Defense MAX MAX
Accuracy 10,000 15,000
Evasion 0 0
EXP 1,000 1,250
Coin 1,000 1,250
Pixel 1,000 1,500
Rampage None 50% HP left
Special None Random
Heal 300
Explode -
Speed 16% screen / sec
Element None
Boss This monster is a boss.
Undead This monster is not an undead.
Death This monster doesn't spawn anything upon death.

Invisible Ally Stats

Passive Abilities



Ultra Effect

Reward +5% +12%
Instant Kill Chance +5% +12%

Active Abilities

Ability Effect Cooldown
Heal Heals 50% HP. Deals 210% damage vs undead 16 sec.
Attack: Ignore Defense Allows you to become immune to all monsters attacks for 5 sec. 80 sec.
HP Recovery Recovers 10% HP 15 sec.


Grinning Colossus is an enemy taken from another Kongregate game, You Have To Burn The Rope.

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