Garden 1

Level required



10,000 Coin-template


EXP, Yellow Coins, Green Coins, Blue Coins, Garden Points, Garden EXP, Randomfruits


The Garden (and Another Garden) offer plots to grow trees for coins.

The Garden is where you can plant trees and harvest them to earn money once they are ready.

It costs 10,000 Coin-template and can be purchased at level 12 in the Feature Shop.


Harvesting trees is a good way to earn Yellow Coins throughout the game. Trees can be bought to plant in a garden plot. Each tree has a specified amount of time one must wait between harvests, as well as a specified amount of time before the tree expires and must be planted again. Once a tree is ready for harvest, clicking on it will yield a profit that is determined by the tree color, the level of the plot on which it's planted, one's career level in Gardening, and player level. A random factor is then applied, so the harvest values will vary. In addition to earning Yellow Coins for a harvest, one also receives Garden Points, Plot EXP, Garden EXP, and a small number of Green Coins and Blue Coins. Plot EXP represents the total amount of Garden Points you received on this plot and Garden EXP represents the overall amount of Garden Points you have accumulated.

Buying Plots

Home Garden

You can buy up to 25 tree plots (plot #1 is free) in the Home garden for an increasing number of Yellow Coins and Garden Points totaling 2,450,000,000 Coin-template and 132,250 Garden Points. The cost to buy plots is listed below.

Plot Number Cost (Coin-template) Garden Point Cost Plot Number Cost (Coin-template) Garden Point Cost
2 500,000 50 14 84,500,000 3,500
3 2,000,000 150 15 98,000,000 4,000
4 4,500,000 300 16 112,500,000 5,000
5 8,000,000 500 17 128,000,000 6,000
6 12,500,000 750 18 144,500,000 7,000
7 18,000,000 1,000 19 162,000,000 8,000
8 24,500,000 1,250 20 180,500,000 9,000
9 32,000,000 1,500 21 200,000,000 10,000
10 40,500,000 1,750 22 220,500,000 12,500
11 50,000,000 2,000 23 242,000,000 15,000
12 60,500,000 2,500 24 264,500,000 17,500
13 72,000,000 3,000 25 288,000,000 20,000

Another Garden

Once all 25 plots are purchased, Another Garden becomes unlocked and 25 more plots are available for purchase (plot #26 is free). These cost a total of 62,000,000,000 Yellow Coins and 1,322,500 Garden Points.

An image of Another Garden

Plot Number Cost (Coin-template) Garden Point Cost Plot Number Cost (Coin-template) Garden Point Cost
27 130,000,000 500 39 2,470,000,000 35,000
28 270,000,000 1,500 40 2,730,000,000 40,000
29 420,000,000 3,000 41 3,000,000,000 50,000
30 580,000,000 5,000 42 3,280,000,000 60,000
31 750,000,000 7,500 43 3,570,000,000 70,000
32 930,000,000 10,000 44 3,870,000,000 80,000
33 1,120,000,000 12,500 45 4,180,000,000 90,000
34 1,320,000,000 15,000 46 4,500,000,000 100,000
35 1,530,000,000 17,500 47 4,830,000,000 125,000
36 1,750,000,000 20,000 48 5,170,000,000 150,000
37 1,980,000,000 25,000 49 5,520,000,000 175,000
38 2,220,000,000 30,000 50 5,880,000,000 200,000

Another Another Garden

Once all 50 plots are purchased, Another Another Garden becomes unlocked and 25 more plots are available for purchase (plot #51 is free).

Plot Number Cost (Coin-template) Garden Point Cost Plot Number Cost (Coin-template) Garden Point Cost
52 6,630,000,000 100,000 64 155,610,000,000 1,750,000
53 14,040,000,000 200,000 65 174,720,000,000 2,000,000
54 22,260,000,000 300,000 66 195,000,000,000 2,500,000
55 31,320,000,000 400,000 67 216,480,000,000 3,000,000
56 41,250,000,000 500,000 68 239,190,000,000 3,500,000
57 52,080,000,000 600,000 69 263,160,000,000 4,000,000
58 63,840,000,000 700,000 70 288,420,000,000 4,500,000
59 76,560,000,000 800,000 71 315,000,000,000 5,000,000
60 90,270,000,000 900,000 72 342,930,000,000 6,000,000
61 105,000,000,000 1,000,000 73 372,240,000,000 7,000,000
62 120,780,000,000 1,250,000 74 402,960,000,000 8,000,000
63 137,640,000,000 1,500,000 75 435,120,000,000 9,000,000


To harvest a tree, go to the Garden screen and click the tree when the fruit appears on it. You can also buy a "Mini Garden" object from the Feature shop for 250 Bluecoin-template. For the low cost of 2 Greencoin-template, you can harvest all ready trees from wherever you are by clicking on the Mini Garden icon.

A Card that may be randomly obtained from legendary boxes called "Autoharvest". "Automatically harvest Garden trees when the game is open". - In-game card description.

Harvesting a tree on a given plot will grant that plot experience depending on the type of tree being harvested. Plots level up with experience, granting a larger profit. Below is a table showing the plot levels with experience required and % harvest bonus. The maximum level is 11.

Plot Level Experience Needed % Harvest Bonus
1 0 10
2 1,000 20
3 4,000 30
4 9,000 40
5 16,000 50
6 25,000 60
7 36,000 70
8 49,000 80
9 64,000 90
10 81,000 100
11 100,000 110
12 600,000 for the first plot and 100,000 more for the next plot, for Garden

900,000 for the first plot and 150,000 more for the next plot, for Another Garden

1,800,000 or the first plot and 300,000 more for the next plot, for Another Another Garden


Another Garden

Another Garden plots cannot be used to plant the standard colored trees. Instead, one must plant one of the 75 numbered Another Garden seeds. You may have 99 of each type of seed at once. Each seed type has a different harvest time, expiration time, and harvest value. Initially, every seed gives 8 Garden EXP when harvested. This increases by 1 for every 25 times the seed is harvested, up to a maximum of 30 Garden EXP for seeds 1, 26, and 51, and 40 Garden EXP for all other seeds.

Once one has 16 garden plots, seeds 1, 26, and 51 can be obtained at random every time a garden tree is harvested, The rest must be obtained by breeding. Harvesting a tree in Another Garden gives a chance to obtain the seed corresponding to the harvested tree. This chance increases as the Garden EXP that the seed provided increases. Another Garden trees also have a chance to yield Randomfruit. Randomfruit are a useful late-game contribution to feed the pet, sell them for coins and garden points or eat them for EXP.  The table below summarizes the chances for these occuring, assuming the seed is at its maximum Garden EXP of either 30 or 40, as mentioned above.

At max seed Garden EXP: probability of seed yielding random fruit and reproducing itself and how many times it must statistically be harvested during its duration to maintain constant seed stock
randomfruit reproduction minimum harvests
seeds 1, 26, 51 30% 9% ~11-12
all other seeds 40% 12% ~8-9

The 5 most efficient seeds (in terms of Yellow Coins per minute) are, starting from the most efficient, 52, 53, 50, 51, and 54. Note that 51, one of the three starting seeds, is in the top 5. The 5 least efficient seeds, starting from the least effective, are 26, 1, 25, 24, and 28. Note again that the other two starting seeds are the least efficient.  Seed 52 is the most efficient seed in all respects.


You can combine and create new seed types to grow different trees in Another Garden. To breed seeds requires you to expend 10 Another Garden seeds of two different types. You will receive 21 seeds of another type after collecting a number of progress rewards. This number decreases as you obtain more Garden EXP, though it will always be at least 1,000 progress rewards.

Below is the simplified formula for knowing which seeds you get by breeding:

  1. Start by adding the seed numbers. (Example: seed 1 with seed 7 = 8)
  2. Divide by 2 to get the average. (Example: The average of seed 1 and seed 7 is seed 4)
  3. 50% chance to add or subtract 37.5 (whichever would give a result in the 1 to 75 range), 50% chance to do nothing. (Example: 50% chance to get 4+37.5=41.5, 50% chance to get 4)
  4. If the result ends in .5, there is a 50% chance to round up, and a 50% chance to round down. (Example: 41.5 has a 50% chance to yield seed 41 and a 50% chance to yield seed 42)

Breeding seeds with numbers x and y will give you:

  • 25% of the time seed with number (x+y)/2 rounded up
  • 25% of the time seed with number (x+y)/2 rounded down
  • 25% of the time seed with number (x+y+75)/2 or (x+y-75)/2 (whichever is in the 1 to 75 range) rounded up
  • 25% of the time seed with number (x+y+75)/2 or (x+y-75)/2 (whichever is in the 1 to 75 range) rounded down

Note: The above results depend only on the results of x+y. That is, the breeding results are statistically identical for any pair of seeds whose sum is x+y. This will help you make the most of ‘useless’ seed numbers you’ll eventually accumulate, since you can pair them to get the sum that you want.

A quick and dirty javascript tool for predicting breeding is available.

A guide for obtaining the most efficient seed, #52, is posted in the Kongregate Forums.


Fertilizer can be applied to all 25 plots on the current screen (that is, to either Garden or Another Garden) by clicking on the bag in the top left, provided you have some in stock. There are 2 types of fertilizers, normal and mega. They will increase the harvest value of trees currently planted on those plots to 105%/110% of its previous value, until the tree dies or is destroyed. It can only be applied once every 900 seconds or 15 minutes,



and this cooldown is shared between all 3 Gardens. You can obtain Fertilizer from the Daily Bonus, Quests, and Dragon of Wisdom and Business. You can also buy them from the Special Shop for 50 Event Tokens/Quest Tokens for the normal and 500 Event Tokens/Quest Tokens for the mega.

Garden Tips

Explanation of Tree efficiency

How closely you play the game and whether you are an Idler or an Anti Idler will affect how and what you'd like to plant. Some trees are fast, small, and grant a higher profit per minute, while others take longer and get a larger profit at one time, but yield a smaller profit per minute. Tree Efficiency is the average profit per minute for a particular tree, assuming that one is there to plant, harvest, and destroy when one has a tree that is about to die. Tree efficiency is dependent on harvest value and so on level, but as a general rule, the efficiency decreases as one moves to the right; hence, the grey tree, while requiring the most maintenance, is also the most efficient in terms of yellow coins and garden points.  It should be noted that since trees grow while offline, longer duration

Garden as it appeared in the old Feature Shop.

trees coupled with an autoharvest card and fertilizer can be more profitable while idling.  On the other hand, since profit is tied to level, longer duration trees, even with fertilizer, can tend to be less profitable over the course of days if a player is leveling quickly, such as in the early game.  For this reason, they are best used for idling purposes and not by players who frequently anti-idle, or at higher levels when the level does not change very much.
Color Name


Cost (GP)

Harvest Time




Total Profit

Minute: Profit 

Harvest: GP Minute: GP
Gray Free Tree Free Free 30 sec 5 min 5,000x Coin-template 9

45,000x Coin-template

10,000x Coin-template 5 10
Blue Blue tree 15,000x Coin-template 5 5 min 42 min 15,000x Coin-template 8 105,000x Coin-template 2,625x Coin-template 15 2
Pink Pink Tree 70,000x Coin-template 20 15 min 190 min 100,000x Coin-template 12 350,000x Coin-template 1,944x Coin-template 50 1.333
Green Green Tree 225,000x Coin-template 50 35 min 10 h 250,000x Coin-template 17 1,050,000x Coin-template 1,765x Coin-template 100 1.142
Lt. Green Lime Tree 600,000x Coin-template 100 75 min 30 h 500,000x Coin-template 23 2,850,000x Coin-template 1,652x Coin-template 200 2.667
Yellow Yellow Tree 1,800,000x Coin-template 200 3 h 99 h 1,000,000x Coin-template 32 14,200,000x Coin-template 2,465x Coin-template 400 2.222
Red Red Tree

500,000x Coin-template + 2,500 Greencoin-template + 25 Bluecoin-template

500 1 h 23 h 600,000x Coin-template 22 3,350,000x Coin-template 2,538x Coin-template* 250 4.167
Black Black Tree

2,500,000x Coin-template + 25,000 Greencoin-template + 250 Bluecoin-template

2500 4 h 96 h 3,000,000x Coin-template 23 9,500,000x Coin-template 1,799x Coin-template* 1250 5.208

[Notes: When a value is level dependent, the variable x is used. x is equal to floor(level^0.6) * 0.2 + 1. Profit is income minus cost. You can actually harvest free tree only 9 times since harvesting takes 1 second even with autoharvest. Profit per minute assumes that you destroy trees as soon as you can no longer harvest from them again.

*The green and blue coin costs are not considered for profit per minute. Depending on how much yellow coins a green/blue coin is worth especially the Black tree might generate large losses instead of profit]

In Another Garden the Tree efficiency is generally better. While in Garden the maximum profit per minute is 10,000 coins/min the efficiency in Another Garden reaches from 40,000 coins/min (Seed #26) to 250,000 coins/min (Seed #52). Sadly the most efficient Seed #52 needs to be bred continuously. The most effective tree that reproduces more seeds than used is Seed #48 with 150,000 coins/min or Seed #51 with 190,000 coins/min if you receive enough seeds from harvesting in Garden.

To achieve the absolute maximum coins per minute you have to plant Seed #2 with 47 Mega Fertilizers. The efficiency is with 1,850,000 coins/min extremely high but also very hard to accomplish because you have to use Mega Fertilizers hourly for two whole days.

Another Another Garden

A-TG Another Another Garden

Beta Image of Another Another Garden (Note: This is made in Debug Mode.)

After unlocking all plots in Another Garden, you can access Another Another garden. Unlike the previous two gardens, there are no seeds that you purchase, instead you create custom seeds by changing the following stats.

  • Harvest Time
  • Expiration Time
  • Harvest Value
  • Garden EXP

The better you make the stat, the more the seed will cost to create.


  • It is the first feature you get from the feature shop.