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Female Hunter B
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Female Hunter B as it appears in the bestiary

Enemy Number



3250 (4225 Hardcore)


Pirate Ship

Art By


Female Hunter B (Casual)
Health 77,000,000 Element Thunder
Attack 134,000 Speed 40% screen/s
Magic Attack 160,800 Heal 0
Defense 1,660,000 Explode No
Accuracy 13,600 Rampage 75% Health
Evasion 13,600 Special Slow
Experience 6,050 Boss No
Coins 1,000 Zombie No
Pixels 3,500 Death -
Female Hunter B (Hardcore)
Health 192,500,000 Element Thunder
Attack 201,000 Speed 40% screen/s
Magic Attack 242,000 Heal 0
Defense 3,320,000 Explode No
Accuracy 20,400 Rampage 87% HP left
Evasion 20,400 Special Slow
Experience 7,562 Boss No
Coins 1,250 Zombie No
Pixels 5,250 Death -

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