Fabled Forest

Required Rank


Enemy Level Range


Area to the Left

Billygoat Bridge

Area to the Right

Fortress Foothills

Number of Enemies




Fabled Forest is the third of the Fairytale Fight Off areas, accessible only by players who have ascended once.


All enemies here are equally likely.

Monster Type Level (Casual)
Gingerbro Normal 5500
HEY! LISTEN! Normal 5600
Forest Elf Normal 5700
Mini Baba Yaga Normal 5800
Warpig Normal 5900
Grandma Normal 6000
Goldie Bear Boss 6100

Area Information

Safe Area No
Underwater No
Base Spawn Rate 3.8 seconds
Base Rare Rate 3.6%
Base Ally Drop Rate 1%
Area Damage Percent 65%
Area Epic Rate 0.4% (2% in Worst Moon)

Fairy Power Bar

As in every Fairytale Fight Off area, there is a green bar above the player's head in this area. This bar changes in Fabled Forest as follows:

  • When the player first enters this zone, the bar is set to empty
  • When the player kills a non-boss, the bar fills additively by 0.5%
  • When the player kills a boss, the bar fills additively by 3.5%
  • When the player takes damage, the bar empties additively by 0.5%
  • When the bar is full, it turns yellow.
  • While the bar is yellow, spawn time in the zone is reduced by 67%.
  • Each spawn while the bar is yellow empties the bar additively by 5%.
  • When the bar is completely emptied, it turns green again.

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