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The Endless Dungeon (ED) is an extremely rewarding and difficult end-game raid, and one of the four raids where enemies become stronger over time (along with MBR, TH, and SC). It offers powerful players access to large amounts of Yellow Coins and Pixels, and, more importantly, the most powerful armor set in the game, Demon Slayer Armor.


In order to enter the Endless Dungeon, a player must first complete the Secret Dungeon, or to be more specific, slay the final boss, CHAOS.

Every player receives 1 free entry into ED every day. This can not be increased with permanent perks, but you can buy more entries for Proofs of Training. The cost starts at 10,000 and rises by 5,000 with every purchase, resetting daily. The Secret Dungeon is the best place to obtain more Proofs of Training(but you can also obtain from The Special Arena and Tower of DOOOOOOM).

Similar to the Corruption and MBR, ED is reached through invitations that appear in the upper-left corner of the screen. In this case, the invitation is a purple envelope that appears in the middle of each hour (that is, when the clock reads XX:30) and like all the invitations, it will remain for three minutes.

Dungeon Layout

The general layout of ED is identical to the Secret Dungeon--literally. In fact, everything in the Dungeon is copied from the Secret Dungeon; Tukkun made the backgrounds by taking SD backgrounds and turning them purple. The monsters use the same bestiary entries and have the same abilities; the dungeon is laid out in a 6x6 grid, with 10 chests, 20 normal monster rooms, 4 normal boss rooms, and 1 floor boss room with a red swirly symbol on the wall. You need to navigate through the rooms, clearing monsters and opening chests, until you find the floor boss (?????). Then you kill him and click on the red symbol to progress.


The death penalty is nullified in ED.

You will slowly drown in ED.

Opening chests in ED does not make any enemy stronger, unlike in SD. Chests do not give the same rewards as chests in the Secret Dungeon--see the rewards section for more details.

Enemy Growth

On each successive floor, monsters become stronger polynomially. The growth curve in ED is the sharpest growth curve of any raid:

  • Level: Starts 950 levels below normal, then rises by 50 every floor, up to 9001.
  • HP: multiplied by (10+Floor^2)/100. If the floor is below 150, this gets multiplied by (0.5+Floor/300), so it's usually lower than that. However if the floor is above 200, it instead gets multiplied by (Floor / 25 - 7).
  • Attack and Defense: multiplied by (10+Floor^1.8)/10
  • Magic Attack: multiplied by (10+Floor^1.6)/10
  • Accuracy and Evasion: Multiplied by (10+Floor^1.6)/10
  • Exp, Coins, and Pixels: Increases by 10% per floor, up to a cap of 1000% at floor 100.


The Endless Dungeon also features a curse, similar to the one in Spooky Crypt. Every floor, the player loses one percentage point of Dodge Chance, Hit Chance, Damage Resist %, and Ignore Defense.

Area Rates

  • Spawn rate: 0.9
  • Rare rate: 10%
  • Epic rate: 1% normal, 5% Worst Moon
  • Area damage penalty: 99.98% (this is the harshest penalty in normal areas; places with MAX-defense-only monsters like Foodlandistan have worse)
  • Ally Chance: 1%

Note: Each of these excluding spawn rate is significantly worse than SD (1.2, 100%, 2%, 15%, 97%, 2% respectively).


Demon Slayer Armor (DeS or DS) is the main reward of the Endless Dungeon. DS armor can only be acquired by opening all 10 chests on a floor divisible by 5, starting at floor 35 (with a 50% chance; half the time you will get Dragon Slayer Armor instead). DS pieces come enhanced to +6, with spawn rate, attack, and attack power bonuses; and a maximum level of 66.


A piece of unenhanced, Floor 100 Demon Slayer Armor offers more bonuses than many entire armor sets.

The compelling features of the armor are its stats:

  • Rank: 413
  • Max Level: 66 (DS items are the slowest-leveling in the game; the experience for the first level is 2.7 billion, roughly 30 times the first level of Humblebee armor, and more than twice the 1.3 billion needed for CHAOS Gloves)
  • Attack: 60 + Floor*6
  • Defense: 600 + Floor*60
  • Speed: 0
  • Crit: 30 + Floor*3
  • Evasion: 20 + Floor*2
  • HP: 20 + Floor*2
  • Expiration time: Casual: 50 days + Floor; Hardcore: Permanent
  • Fusable: Yes
  • Unobtainium Bonus: Starts at 6, +4 for Hardcore, +10 for Worst Moon, +10 for Apocalypse, up to +30
  • Sale price: Floor * 10 million pixels

If you open all 10 chests on a floor before 35, or if you get unlucky on one divisible by 5, you will get a piece of the much weaker Dragon Slayer set; this set comes at rank 363, and is much weaker than the Demon Slayer Set (though still stronger than anything else).

In Worst Moon and Apocalypse modes, all floors starting with the 10th have the 50% chance to drop Demon Slayer, except floor numbers ending with the digits -1 or -6.

When you're opening chests other than the 10th, you will get the following rewards:

  • For every chest up to and including the 9th: 100,000 * chests opened * floor
  • For the 3rd-7th chests (inclusive): A Crystal of Rarity
  • For the 8th and 9th chests: A Crystal of Ultimate Rarity

Monsters in the Endless Dungeon drop To-Be-Nerfed Gems and Chaotic Fragments of Chaos, as well as large amounts of Yellow Coins.

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