Enchanted Tree Stick
Enchanted Tree Stick
Enchanted Tree Stick as it appears in the inventory

Item Type

Weapon / Stick

Required Rank


Acquired From


The Enchanted Tree Stick is a Rank 10 Weapon, and the third Newbie Weapon. It is noticably stronger than the previous two sticks, and additionally has a boost to accuracy which the Newbie Stick and Tree Stick lack.

This item is not part of any set.

Item Stats


Maximum Level 5
Range 65 px
Attack 100
Speed 13
Defense -
Critical Chance 10%
Accuracy 25%
HP Regen


Item Bonuses/Additional Information

Starting Enhancement -
Required Rank 10
Initial Unobtanium Enhancement 0
Bonus Tier (Total) 1
Initial Bonuses Pixel Mastery -
Spirit No
Sell Value 0
Museum Value -
Bonus Rocks can be used on this item.
This item can be fused.

Crafting Information

Maximum CO(U)R Applied 0
Recipe Required -
Pixel Cost 2000
Crafting Material Cost 0
Extra Material (Quantity) -
Career Exp Gained 0

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