The Empowering Gem is an Accessory equipped in the Trinket slot, which gives you Non-Boss Damage, Boss Damage and Attack Power. Every 10 levels the gem gains 1 unobtainium enhancement.

You cannot change the Bonuses on the Empowering Gem.

Empowering Gem Level 1
Empowering Gem Level 500

Crafting Requirements

Crafting the Empowering Gem requires 5,000,000,000 Pixels, 500,000,000 Crafting Material, and 50,000 Superior Crafting Material. It gives 100,000 Item Maker Career Experience when crafted.

Set Bonus

When the Empowering Gem is equipped with a weapon of at least rank 200 it forms an Item Set and provides additional stats.

Set Bonus Set Pieces
(2 pieces) +10% Damage

(3 pieces) +10% Damage
(4 pieces) +10% Damage

Empowering Gem (Must be equipped)

Any Rank 200+ Weapon
Any Rank 300+ Weapon
Any Rank 400+ Weapon

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