The Dragon of Wisdom in his cave.

The Dragon of Wisdom is a mighty ex-adventurer that lurks in his cave, guarding a sword and a shield. He lost one of his eyes during one of his adventures somehow, although it is unknown how or when that happened.

When you reach level 50, "Feed" button appears in bottom left of Dragon screen. When you click the "Feed" button, you will give the dragon yellow coins. In exchange, you will receive a randomly chosen message, generally containing useful advice (as well as 1 Blue Coin). Each time you feed the dragon the top left bar will fill up. You gain 1% Dragon Boost each time you fill that bar, and the bar takes up 5,10,25,50,100 and 250 feeds (increasing every 50% of Dragon Boost) to fill. At 300%, it takes 500 feeds to fill the bar for reward (see below).

The Dragon will say any of the 127 random speeches with some useful and some useless tips that can be discovered. The dragon must be fed 22,000 times to reach 300% boost, but this number can be reduced as the dragon's bar fills twice as fast on Fridays. There are also two dragon-related Secret Achievements.

The cost of feeding the dragon increases as your level increases and also increases the more times you feed him in a day. The cost resets each day when the Daily Bonus screen pops up. Your first 100 feeds total will be cheaper.

Feeding the Dragon is part of Ascending. Once you've fed him 1000 times total, you can acquire his sword to kill the Ascendant. The shield is, though rumored, unavailable to obtain in any way.

List of rewards from feeding the Dragon.

After buying 300% Dragon Max Boost, every 500 feeds gives one of the following rewards:

Tips on Feeding the Dragon

  • At low levels, it may be tempting to feed the dragon as soon as you get enough yellow coins.  However, the advice it gives can be gotten for free in chat or on the game forums. Therefore, it's better to save your yellow coins and feed the dragon when you can afford to feed the dragon many times.
  • The dragon boost bar fills up twice as fast on Fridays. This is, therefore, the best day of the week to feed the dragon.  Note, however, that the cost of feeding does not go up quicker on Fridays, and the bonus does not count towards the daily quest.
  • If you are given a random quest to feed the dragon and can afford to do so, it's probably a good idea.  The prize for these quests is a Legendary Box, which are very valuable.
  • Holding Shift while hovering over the Feed button will rapidly feed the Dragon. Do this if you don't want to click repeatedly.


  • During a Speedrun/Challenge you can't get the Sword of Ascendant. That means no ascension.
  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 62% for 500, 27% for 1000, 10% for 1500, 1% for 2000
  2. 2.0 2.1 2.2 62% for 25, 27% for 50, 10% for 75, 1% for 100
  3. 3.0 3.1 3.2 3.3 3.4 3.5 3.6 62% for 10, 27% for 20, 10% for 30, 1% for 40