Deserted Alley
Deserted Alley
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Advanced Training Zone

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The Special Arena

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The Deserted Alley is a place that the player can visit through pressing the black window in the background of the Advanced Training Zone. This place is safe, as there will not be any creatures suddenly popping up and attacking the player. Players can attempt to visit The Special Arena from here.

Advanced Training Zone

Click the opened window to access the Deserted Alley and Special Arena


The Special Arena is for experts only, and one should be well-prepared if trying to go in. Potions are not usable while the player is fighting in the arena.

The player can stay in the Deserted Alley for however long they like, as this place has no enemies and no time limits. However, this place has nothing in it, which means that player cannot earn anything from this zone except for the progress bar rewards.